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Mark is working on Trina's ear, and to keep her distracted from the pain he has her talk about her husband. They met at work but their company had a no dating policy, so she kept turning him down when he asked her out until finally he kissed her at work bowling event. That kiss led to her finding a new job and them getting married and going on this ill-fated honeymoon. Mark of course admires Jason's tenacity and obviously is getting some ideas.

Jason is still in really bad shape, and Owen and Mere have to dig around to try and figure out what's wrong. Owen finally guesses at what it might be -- a torn vena cava -- and then stops working and declares it a lethal injury. Mere is stunned and reminds Owen that this guy is on his honeymoon. Jason's vitals drop while Mere demands repeatedly to know what he's going to do, reminding him they can't just stand there while he bleeds out. Owen seems to have wanted to just give up but finally he's spurred back to action, and he comes up with a plan. As he starts to execute it, though, he tries to put Mere in her place and orders that she can never talk to him like that again, and that if she can't keep their problems out of the OR then she should just leave. He punctuates his sentence with a bone saw. This is where I kind of take exception to what is going on -- obviously he's at a loss with Cristina and he and Mere disagree, and this patient is there to illustrate all that. But I don't think anything we've seen of Owen thus far would lead to him just give up when there are still things that could be tried -- and these are possible solutions that occur to a resident, so they should also have occurred to a top trauma surgeon. I get that he is defeated personally, but I don't know that I buy that this would bleed over into his professional life so badly that he would let a patient die.

Back at the lake, things are completely tranquil. My Boston swan boat ornament that hangs on my Christmas tree next to the TV just gazed at the huge, peaceful lake longingly during the gorgeous shots. There's only one thing disturbing the idyllic silence, and that's Cristina as she goes through their supplies and tries to guess the correct name of all of the bait. I actually think that what she's holding up are called lures, but I'm even less of an outdoors girl than Cristina Yang, so who knows. Derek reminds her that the fish can hear her so she whispers her questions until he tells her to just be quiet. They then argue about the location of the boat, but Derek is sure that they are fine where they are and should just sit, even when Cristina gives a well-thought out argument for moving. You can take the girl out of the operating room but you can't take the logical reasoning skills out of the girl. Derek points out that she'll just scare the fish away no matter where they are, and he finally orders her to stop talking, thinking, and worrying. Finally, she honestly admits that she just can't turn her mind off, but Derek assures her that she can and won't take any more excuses.

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