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Teddy and Richard are arguing about Henry's care and Richard tells her that the hospital can't afford to take on his long-term care pro bono. His course of action is to treat his condition with drugs and have regular follow-ups in the clinic. This only ticks Teddy off because she thinks it's as good as nothing, and she's further incensed when Richard says his hands are tied. She announces that his excuse is crap because she's seen him bend rules, and she thinks he would this time too if she were Bailey or Shepherd. She backs off pretty quickly at his angry response and tells him about Cristina fishing, and how she feels like her quitting surgery forever is partly her fault. She wants to do something good to try and help make up for that. Somehow, I imagine because Richard also feels guilty about Cristina, this gets him to relent and he says he'll set up a review board meeting.

Callie and Alex are waiting to hear back about Ron's decision, and while Alex is antsy Callie manages to remain totally confident and calm that they will call. She finally admits that part of her bravado is just her being stubborn, but she wants to believe that sometimes people make the smart decision instead of being evil and leaving her in an airport. Again, I repeat: That was so half her fault. Finally, her phone buzzes, and she's incredibly smug when it's the message that Ron wants her to do his hip surgery. Alex is duly impressed.

As Meredith and Owen operate away, he gives her an instruction to do some stitches and she asks if he's really letting her sew. In any other situation this would be taken as Meredith kind of not able to believe her luck, but Owen takes it as a personal attack and snidely asks if he's questioning her judgment or saying thank you. She changes her response to thanks, so he instructs her as she starts working.

April, Jason and Lexie are all eating lunch and trying to find more info about fistulas when April again starts needling Lexie, telling her about her pony. She's cut off, though, when Eli comes and informs her that her patient is back in the ER with a fistula and she needs to meet Bailey in the OR. Neither Jackson nor Lexie is sad to see her go, and size each other up now that it's just between the two of them to remove a gall bladder via mouth. Lexie goes back to Eli to ask about the fluid sample but this time he really frosts her cookies when not only does he not have it, he tells her that he went ahead and removed the patient's drain. Lexie is incensed but Eli insists he can tell by looking if a patient has an infection and informs her that he'll only put the drain back in if Bailey orders him to do so. Since she's in surgery he plans to wait, and when Lexie tries to take the patient herself Eli orders her to get away. He then informs her that he's been at the hospital for 12 years (he and Rose must have been hanging out in back rooms a lot) and that experience has taught him how best to treat these patients. He finishes by informing her that residents come and go, but this is his home, she is his guest, and she is no longer welcome.

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