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Having been shot down by Eli, Lexie goes to Mark for help. I love that she wants him to stay away until it's convenient and helpful for her. She bitches about Eli and then asks Mark for a favor, claiming the nurses love him. Since when? Didn't they once form a club against him? I mean, I know that was the ladies, but still. But if we're just going with Eli having worked there for 12 years, then we'll just go with this too. Mark has the charm turned up to eleven but Lexie's not enjoying it, though she was the one who asked him for help in the first place. Finally, he offers to help her out if she will meet him for a drink at Joe's later. She reluctantly agrees, though not before reminding him how the two of them already tried a relationship and it didn't work. When Mark finds out the nurse in question is Eli, he raises the stakes to two drinks.

He then heads over to talk to Eli while Lexie watches through a window in the door. Mark's back is to Lexie and he starts by immediately assuring Eli he knows better than to mess with him on his own turf, but he's asking a favor so that Lexie will go out with him. Eli's not so sure on account of he thinks Lexie's a bossy pain in the butt, but Mark likes that, and he also offers box seats to the Seahawks plus parking in exchange for pretending to argue loudly. He also makes sure Eli mentions how highly Mark thinks of Lex. Eli does all this while holding his ground that he won't put the drain back in unless Bailey asks him for it, the men shake hands, and Mark heads back over to where Lexie is anxiously waiting.

Mark says he did what he could and asks what time she's off work, but Lexie is incensed that he didn't actually accomplish anything. Mark just tells her he'll see her at 9, and he walks off. Jackson overhears this and needles Lexie about it but she tells him she's only going to have one drink, and then orders him to come and pretend there is a medical emergency to get her out of a longer date. He agrees, but not without teasing her about how he's going to be the one to win a date with a gall bladder.

A nurse comes in to the OR to give Owen his phone messages, and Owen can't hide his desperation when he specifically asks if Cristina called. She didn't, and Mere shoots him a look before getting ready to do her stitching.

Cristina is actually too busy sitting and trying not to think to call her husband, and Derek just watches her while he waits for the fish to bite.

Ron and his wife come back to Callie as she guessed, understandably sheepish, but Mrs. Ron tries to save some kind of face by mentioning that their orthodontist daughter thought they might want to wait, but Ron decided he wants this. Callie decides to play this up as much as she can, and pretends to be already booked for the 2 pm time slot. Alex isn't quite so quick-witted but once he realizes what's up he plays along rather brilliantly -- when they are looking at her phone and the day's supposed schedule, he points out that she has an award to accept that night. Poor Ron is sincerely appreciative of her efforts while his wife hides behind him, looking worried. Finally, Callie agrees that she can be late to her fake awards dinner and is pleased that they fall over themselves to thank her for her generosity.

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