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Surgery over, Bailey heads over to give Eli what for, and Lexie can't contain her glee as she follows in Bailey's wake. He flirts like a pro but Bailey is immune to his charms, and when she says that he has to put the drain back in, Lexie blurts that she's also there to write her up, and Bailey has to silence her. Eli is still respectful but gets serious and defends himself -- he points out that he doesn't follow protocols, but just keeps an eye on the patients. Bailey still isn't having it until Eli points out that he hates complications just as much, if not more, than she does. Not least of all because it takes a dent out of his fantasy football playing. The girls are totally confused by that but Bailey takes notice of what he points out next -- that he's always made sure his patients don't have complications, and when was the last time Bailey can remember his having a patient with them?

Owen and Mere are STILL in Jason's surgery, and Meredith successfully does her stitch. Owen compliments her but when Mere says she can get in one more quick stitch, he shoots her down. She's adamant, and he finally blows a gasket and orders her to stop. She puts her hands up, but she was successfully able to get in the extra stitch, and they have a glare-off as tense music plays in the background, and Owen finally orders her out of his OR.

Mere bitches to Derek about it on the phone and admits that she's totally sick of her and Cristina not talking and also about he and Cristina "pretending to be friends." As much of a douche as Derek is I do think he is sincere in wanting to help Cristina, but I get her frustration. It probably doesn't help her mood that Derek pretends he's talking to another surgeon and not to his wife lest her one-time best friend figure out she's on the phone. As Cristina was not born yesterday, though, she realizes that it was Mere. They don't actually talk about any further than that, and their silence is broken by Cristina's actually catching something. She starts dancing around in excited panic wondering what to do while Derek tries to get her to sit down and then reel it in. She's shrieking with happiness, which is quite the nice change from her darkness of late.

As Callie replaces Ron's hip, she compliments Alex, who in turn bitches about Stark. This gives the needy Callie an idea, and she sweet-talks Alex and finally offers to make him her protégé and the second person to be able to do this minimally invasive procedure. She catches him in just the right mood, he readily agrees, and she happily gets to literally hammering something into Ron's hip. Ouch.

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