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When Bailey asks more questions during surgery, Mark finally asks if she'd rather just do it herself. She's taken aback, clearly hurt, and stutters that she wasn't questioning his skills but rather was trying to learn something new. While the residents are excitedly vying to cut off a leg, Mark made an organ, and she thinks it's exciting. "I was just trying to learn." Mark is classy enough to accept all of this and thanks her sincerely, then asks her if she wants to attach the something to the other.

Mere wheels Emma into an intensive care room so that she can see her sister. Their parents are there, and Emma asks desperately if Holly can hear her. Mere only sighs, and Emma then asks if she can come out of it. From the door, Dixon's voice announces matter-of-factly, "No she can't." She apologizes for their loss but tells them that while Holly's body is functioning, her brain is dead. She plows ahead: "She has no thoughts, no emotions, no sense. I'm Dr. Dixon. I will be harvesting your sister's organs if your parents agree." The girls' father says that they need more time, but Dixon can't understand why they can't see the urgency of the situation. Again she tells them, "I'm very sorry for your loss." But, she tells them that the organs are young and vital and could help save lives. Emma has no idea about Dr. Dixon's Asperger's, plus she's also proven herself to be self-centered and a screecher, so she doesn't take this very well. (Seriously, I would have been far more affected by this storyline if there was less screeching. Obviously this would be a horrible, frightening, gut-wrenching situation, and if it had been acted just a tad less ear-splittingly, I would have been on board like I am with most of the patients of the week. But all of the screaming put me off of this girl too early and I can't get it back.) She starts to pat her sister's arm and begs for her to wake up. Dixon apologizes one more time but drills the point home that Holly is brain dead, and Emma loses it and screams at her to get out of the room. Mere quietly tells the doctor that the family understands, and she should probably go now, please. Shockingly, I think Mere handled the interaction as gracefully as possible that way. Dixon announces, "I have offended you but we are running out of time." Emma yells at her again to get out and then begins screeching for Holly to wake up. Oh, my bleeding ears!

Izzie finds Cristina looking through a microscope and when she notices blondie, she sits and looks at her quietly, waiting for the sales pitch. Izzie, though, just wants to talk about the mind-blowing sex she's having. Apparently the ghost sex is the best she's ever had in her life, and probably the best sex that anyone has ever had, and she can't imagine why anyone would want to do anything else with their time. Izzie laughs in delight and tells Cristina that it's fine that she gives the surgery to Mere, because Izzie is having mind-blowing sex. She finishes up with a manic chuckle, and tells Cristina, "Just thought you should know." Cristina still doesn't say a word.

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