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Post-surgery, Mark, Bailey, Lexie and Mr. Patterson are gathered around his wife's bedside. Despite their encouragement, she's too scared to try talking. She shakes her head no, and then opens her laptop. That's the final straw for her husband, who begins to yell, "No!" He wants no more typing nor post-its, and demands that she talk to him. She merely recoils from him and starts to cry, and Bailey and Lexie quietly orchestrate giving her some space, including from her husband. He answers angrily, "I've given her five years of space."

Sadie finds Richard in the hallway and announces that the surgery was her fault, she knew what she was doing, and she should be punished instead of Cristina. I know we've only known her a short while, but I don't feel like this is entirely sincere. Richard isn't having any of it, and shoots back, "You know who your father is and you know he's why you're still here. So if I were you I'd stop worrying about whose fault the appy was and start figuring out what I was going to do to make up for it." Stunned, she agrees. It's the first time she's ever seemed genuinely shaken up -- I think that despite her telling Holly that she'd gotten in trouble with her dad loads of times and been forgiven, she's actually scared of him, whoever he might be.

Dixon and Cristina are sitting in the hallway, and Dixon muses that there are people dying. "It's inappropriate," she adds. Cristina apologizes -- all of the fight has been taken out of her today and there isn't even the suggestion of an edge to her voice. Dixon tells her that she wasn't talking about Cristina, and that she approves of Cristina's system. Her voice lifts just a degree to show that she does admire it quite a lot. She's talking about the organs, and she is upset since she knows Holly can't hear her sister but her organs could help people right this moment. "Leave feelings out of it. Leave them out of science, leave them out of the decision making because people are dying as we speak." And there's Cristina's problem laid right out in front of her -- Does she go with feelings or not? She looks at Mere puttering around in Holly's room, and seems to have made a decision.

She walks to the board and stares a while as Richard and the other residents (minus Izzie) watch her intently. She then writes "Karev" on the board. Alex cheers, George thinks she must be kidding, and Mere turns and congratulates Alex. "Whatever," he responds, too cool for school. Cristina just walks away silently and Richard tells her, "Interesting choice." Cristina merely replies, "He made the best case." No feelings it is, then. Mere, on the other hand, just stares at Alex's name.

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