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Alex bursts into the on-call room (there's the bonus to sleeping with a ghost -- no need to lock the doors since no one else will see him!) to tell Izzie that he won. She's confused and groggy since she's been sleeping, and she's also disconcerted to have one boyfriend there while she's in bed with the other. Alex announces, "I love you." She's a little taken aback, but he happily repeats it. Unfortunately, he explains his personal theory as to why she's never around anymore -- he thinks she loves him too but is scared because Alex screwed up once and because Denny died. He knows she had the patient that reminded her of Denny (a little too much, clearly) but promises to not leave or cheat or die or anything else. "I think you're my best shot. I think with you, you make me better. You make me want to be better. You make me want to be good. And I think I can. With you, I think I can." This is such an awesome breakthrough for Alex and I wish it wasn't wasted on such a miserable cow as Izzie has become. He tell her that scared is okay, and she should be scared with him when she scrubs in with him for the amputation. As if she's just catching up to the beginning of the conversation, she repeats, "You love me." He tells her to shut up, kisses her, and leaves. Denny, in bed with his hands behind his head, growls, "I'm really starting to not like that guy." Well, the feeling is mutual... though we each mean different guys.

Emma has finally stopped screeching, and tells Mere she never should have said what she did. Mere instructs her to then tell Holly the last thing she would want Holly to hear, because she has to believe that if the roles were reversed Emma would forgive Holly. Emma starts to sob, "I'm sorry," and her parents come to the doorway to watch. She tells her sister she loves her and Mere replies that Holly loved her, no matter what was said or what happened. "She loved you. She loves you. She loves you." Emma finally puts Holly's hand down and cries for her mom; her parents rush in to hug her and they all cry together.

Mere finds Derek staring at the surgical board, and she takes a deep breath and admits that she and Cristina are fighting. All together now: "Duh." Derek advises Mere to talk to her, they're best friends, and it's important. She then says his name when she realizes he has other things on his mind, and he comments that they don't tell you that being a doctor is going to be like it is, losing more patients than you save. "I'm sick of the death." She tells him she's sorry, and he turns and high-tails it out of there, saying he'll see her at home.

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