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Lexie goes to see Mrs. Patterson and sits down on the bed as she types. She then reaches over and, to Mrs. P's surprise, closes the laptop gently. It struck me as rather presumptuous, but Mrs. P seemed ultimately okay with it, so there you go. Lexie tells her that she can try to speak now, since Lexie's just a lil' old intern and it's okay if she can't speak in front of just an intern. Mrs. Patterson seems to gather up some courage and then whispers "Hi." After encouragement, she tries again and a little scratchy voice comes out. She starts repeating the word and laughs happily, which her husband sees through the window. When he comes to the doorway, she whispers, "Hi." He says it back and then comes in to embrace his wife. Lexie just grins happily.

Richard finds Dixon and asks about her day and if she might feel like working at Seattle Grace. She responds by bluntly replying that he emotionally tortured Cristina that day. "Was that your intention?" He's a bit taken aback but he does admit that it was. Dixon then gives her little half-smile and tells him, "Have your board make me a better offer?" She leaves, but fortunately it means Cristina might make her way back into the Chief's good graces.

Cristina is in the gallery to watch Alex's solo surgery. Mere sits down next to her and tells her that she doesn't want to fight, and that it doesn't matter what happened, it's behind them. She adds that she knows that's why Cristina made it personal by picking Alex, "So let's just move on." Cristina's brow has furrowed deeper as Mere goes on, and she finally turns and informs her that Mere was the one who made it personal -- she's doing it right now with this speech. She chose Alex because he was the most prepared, not because of their fighting. "Because, unlike you, I can separate my personal life from my job. You made it personal." Mere nods, and Cristina stands up, clearly about to crack. She announces to the gallery that no one said anything even though it was all their interns. "But I won this. They picked me. If I don't deserve this solo surgery then none of us do." It's a tough situation, because as much as I love Cristina, and as much as no one was keeping tabs on their interns, she was the only one who knew what they were doing and therefore she had the biggest burden. She storms out past Hunt, and George takes her seat so he can talk to Meredith. He admits he's not sure if he's more jealous of Alex or worried about Izzie. He tries again to tell someone about Izzie. "I think there's something wrong with her, Mere." But since it's only all ever about herself, Mere replies, "There's something wrong with all of us, George." She then gets a page from Alex.

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