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Flying Solo

Cristina turns a corner into the hallway and takes a deep, jagged breath, but Hunt follows her and directs her into the stairwell. She follows him with tears about to spill down her cheeks.

Mere goes to Alex as he's scrubbing in and freaking out, which he announces. He recounts that he told Izzie he loved her right before his first solo surgery ever, and now she's not going to show up. He's beating himself up for being such an idiot but Mere orders him to stop, because if he kills the guy she'll be pissed. "Then I'll know I should have won it. You have to kick ass in there Alex. You have no choice!" It's a moment where her being all about herself actually works. The Chief comes in and asks Alex if he's ready. Alex doesn't answer but when the Chief asks again, Izzie comes walking through the door in her scrubs and answers that he's ready. She then gives Alex a big crazy smile.

Hunt leads Cristina down to a boiler room in the bottom of the hospital. She's all suspicious about where they are going but he assures her she will like it. She follows him into the room and is puzzled as he tells her to wait. Then, all of a sudden, air shoots up through the vent on which she's standing. She starts to laugh and he tells her happily that the vent will clear your head. He asks if she feels better and she does. "Anything can happen on a vent," he tells her. She asks sexily, "Like what?" He tells her to wait and the air shoots up again, and then they start to make out. Ah, so THAT'S what can happen on a vent.

Mark hears a knock on his hotel room door and opens it to find Lexie, who tells him, "You made her speak." She tells him what happened with Mrs. Patterson as she walks in the room, and Mark looks worriedly back at the doorway like someone's going to hop in with a camera, yelling, "Gotcha!" She tells him she respects him as a man and as a teacher, "So, teach me." She starts to take off her clothes, and he pleads with her to stop as she'll only repeat, "Teach me." He pleads that he can't do this because she's Little Grey and he made a promise, but she's down to her skivvies and he's wearing down. She asks sadly if she's really so bad and he answers, "No, I am," before grabbing and kissing her.

Mere tells us, "We enter the world alone, and we leave it alone." Alex preps the patient while the Chief appears to be reading a magazine in the corner. I guess that's actually good, that if Alex goes nuts there is someone there to back him up after all, but it still is a pretty funny picture.

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