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Flying Solo

Mere's VO continues, "And everything that happens in between? We owe it to ourselves to find a little company." Retractor girl and another random extra/resident make bets on how fast Alex will choke but as she hands over her money, Mere chastises them that Alex is one of them and they should show some respect. Though they slink down in their chairs, I notice he doesn't give her money back yet. VO: "We need help. We need support." From the gallery, Bailey watches and nods proudly. Callie glances over at Sadie, who is staring right back and smiles.

"Otherwise we're in it by ourselves. Strangers." Lexie and Mark are in bed quickly becoming not strangers. "Cut off from each other. And we forget, just how connected we all are." Dixon is in another OR, harvesting Holly's organs. Back in the solo surgery, Alex draws on the leg and then looks at Izzie, who smiles encouragingly. "So instead, we choose love. We choose life. And for a moment we feel just a little bit less alone." Izzie then looks up in the gallery to see her jerky ghost lover smiling at her. Alex asks for the blade and she hands it over, and everyone in the gallery leans forward as he holds it a moment. He touches it to the skin... and with that, we are done. I guess at this point we assume he didn't actually kill the guy, but we will find out for sure in the new year. Happy holidays, everyone!

Watch as Beth and Val discuss the peculiarities of Izzie's torrid affair with Dead Denny in ourTV Is the Answer vlog.

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