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Flying Solo

Oh no, Cristina is brushing her teeth. Is this on purpose? I think I've mentioned before that I'm a complete weirdo and I can't watch people brushing their teeth because then I start to move my lips a little bit like there's a toothbrush in my mouth. Yes, I completely understand that makes me a bit of a freak. George comes in to make his case for the solo surgery, which is that he learned and grew the most of anyone and even more important, he never gave up when things got rough. I feel like there would be some sort of rule that the solo surgery could not be awarded to someone who's only been a resident for about five minutes, but I guess not. Cristina listens quietly, spits out her toothpaste, and merely says, "Thank you." She sounds almost sincere about it, which makes me worry a little bit for her well-being.

Callie tells the younger sister, Emma, that she's got a broken leg and will have to be off of it for a while. Emma pitches a fit since she's supposed to go to a "Future Leaders of America" conference. Wow, if she's anything to go by, then our future leaders are going to try to get their way by crying and stamping their feet while screeching in a tone better suited to a vehicle's faulty brakes. Emma starts to yell at Holly about this being her fault, and once they start throwing things at each other Callie pulls the curtain to separate them. Mere's handling things way better than anyone else and can only giggle at how absurd these two are. On the other side of the curtain, Sadie tries to assure Holly that her dad won't be as angry as she thinks he will be. Even me, with only an "everything I need to know about medicine I learned from Grey's Anatomy" education can see that Holly's eyes are way too dark and she's got deep dark circles under them which weren't there a moment ago. Alex checks out her eyes and demands to know how long they've been like that; as Sadie has no idea what he's talking about, I'd say she already failed at trying not to piss him off. Alex yells for Shepherd to be paged since Holly might have a skull fracture, and sends Sadie to do scut until he calls her. (Having heard this term a number of times, I just looked it up and realized it's an acronym for "Some Common Unfinished Task." I must say, I find that rather clever -- it turns out doctors are rather smart! Just not usually on this show.) Emma didn't hear Alex yelling, so the sheet Callie pulled must have been one of those magic sound-deadening ones. She demands to know where they are taking Holly and Mere tries to sound casual as she says it's just for some tests. Maybe she should have sounded more grave, because Holly is glad they're taking her away, and yells after them, "I hope you die!" As we all have watched TV before, we know that Emma just signed Holly's death warrant. Mere and Callie are shocked and stare at Emma, who just sinks back with an angry, self-righteous tensing of her jaw.

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