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Sadie notices that Callie is looking at x-rays of broken bones, and comes in to flirt about how much she loves broken bones. I'm not sure if it's really directed at Callie or not, given that so far her every interaction with anyone has felt like flirting, and Callie seems not able to tell either but is flustered nonetheless. She accidentally pulls a couple of films off the wall while laughing nervously, and eventually says she has to go. As she leaves, she walks into the chair before rushing out of the room.

Meredith brings her Future Leader down for a CT and finds Alex and Derek looking at scans of Holly's brain. Derek starts to say something and Meredith interrupts him and rather pompously forgives him for not voting for her in the solo surgery, since she knows it would have looked like he was playing favorites. That doesn't seem like what Derek was about to say, but he goes along with it and tells her she deserves it and that Cristina knows that even if they're fighting. All of it is said in a bland, clearly placating tone -- in this single exchange the two of them have totally reminded me of why I don't like them much this season. As Alex laughs with delight at the idea of Cristina and Mere fighting, Holly crashes and they all run in. Emma looks on from her wheelchair in the doorway, confused, while inside the room Holly's nose is bleeding brain matter. My apologies if you were eating anything while you read that! Emma starts to screech again, demanding to know what they did to her sister. Wow, this girl is good at screeching.

Mere finds Cristina in the hallway -- was she seriously given nothing else to do than stand around sadly while she makes up her mind? Mere announces matter-of-factly that Cristina knows Mere is the most qualified and deserves it, but she doesn't want to turn it into something awkward. "So do what you have to do." Cristina nods and rather genuinely answers, "Okay," with a thankful tone. That done, Mere takes off.

She's gone back to Emma, who is having her cast put on by Callie. The girls' parents are on their way, and Emma keeps asking if Holly is going to be okay. The most important thing to her right now is that they don't let her sister die. Rather than directly addressing her sister's chances, Mere says that Emma didn't mean what she said. But Emma maintains that can't be the last thing Holly ever heard her say, and resumes pleading for the doctors to save her life. Callie watches all this with a worried expression, since she knows that wishing your sister dead on TV means it's totally going to happen. Mere tells Emma she'll go for an update, but carefully doesn't make any promises about Holly's life.

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