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Ah, Cristina does have something to do. She and Dixon are helping out on Holly's surgery. Derek starts pontificating that Cristina needs to consider everyone's accomplishments and achievements and look for the standouts. He then tells her to observe Alex doing a brain graft, and Alex nearly wets himself with excitement that he gets to complete the procedure. It's actually really cute -- I think it's just my intense dislike of Derek right now that's making me extra snarky. Dixon just announces, "A system. Devise a system, rank everyone accordingly that's all." Everyone else exchanges glances over their masks at her somewhat robotic speech, which is just maddening. Seriously, if we're to believe that she was a famous surgeon yet no one knew she had Asperger's, fine. But everyone would have known from her previous day working at the hospital, and I like to think that being adults who already work in the medical profession, they would be more understanding and just let it go. Cristina thanks her quietly while the boys exchange more looks. Holly's brain decides to break the tension and as alarms beep it starts to change color, which freaks out Alex. Derek shoves him aside and announces that she is hemorrhaging, and Alex asks worriedly what he did.

Callie finds Mark so that she can talk about Sadie, or as Mark says, "Psycho with no appendix?" The very one. Callie is in a tizzy wondering if there was actual flirting taking place in the x-ray room. Mark asks some important questions: was there touching, playing with hair, or licking of lips? Callie doesn't even answer, she just slumps as she realizes that there was none of it and she thinks she made it all up because she's lonely and wants attention. She tries to tell Mark how hot Sadie is but he cuts her off sternly and orders, "The hot ones are the ones that cause trouble." They will distract her, and she needs to focus on the medicine. "Take all that pent-up sexual energy you waste thinking about hot, young, naked available interns and put it back into your genius." That is begging to be printed on a motivational poster. Callie agrees, and Mark adds, "Your godliness. Build someone an organ. That's hot." Of course he's now shifted entirely to talking about himself and Lexie. Callie tries to talk about Sadie's smile but Mark yells at her, "No hot interns!"

Unfortunately he has his hot intern hanging over his shoulder as he shows her and Bailey on a computer how he's going to help Mrs. Patterson. He yells at Lexie to back up and get out of his space, then orders Bailey to find her something to do. Bailey sends Lexie off to finish prepping Mrs. P for surgery and then gives Mark a puzzled, yet judgmental, look. He tries to defend, "She was in my space!"

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