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Izzie apparently managed to get herself to the clinic but asks George if he'll cover for her while she runs off to take care of some pressing business. Denny leans forward to explain that she's talking about SEX. I die a little inside each time I have to recount these scenes. Iz brushes off George's protest and tells him he can handle it before she leaves, and a random nurse comes up to George to tell him he's lucky she came in at all, since it's the first time she's been there all week. No wonder these residents have interns that run wild -- they learned the art of not paying attention to anyone's work from their own bosses.

Back in Holly's OR, the mood is sedate. Derek assures Alex there's nothing he could have done and when he asks about something to be sure, Dixon jumps in to give a detailed technical explanation of what went wrong, how Holly's blood supply was cut off and can't be restored. She asks Alex if he understands and he growls, "She's brain dead. I get it." Cristina sneaks a glance at Dixon, who just looks downwards at his tone. Clearly this is the first notch in the "She's totally not going to work here" column. Dixon reminds the room that Holly is only 16, and the others all seem gutted. But Dixon exclaims, "That's good news! She'll be an excellent candidate for organ donation." Derek looks a bit horrified but also nods since she's not wrong. Mere just watches it all from the gallery.

It's now Alex's turn to try to sway Cristina, and he tells her sincerely, "You were robbed. You got screwed by politics." She actually looks around to see if he's talking to anyone else since this is so un-Alex. He adds a bit more, looks really concerned, and then bursts out laughing and announces that he can't actually bring himself to kiss her ass. Instead, he tells her step-by-step everything you do in a below-the-knee amputation. He adds that he's done it once on a cadaver and three times on Stan, then he takes a deep breath and leaves.

Hunt finds her in the lobby making notes and asks who she's going to pick. In the first full sentences she's spoken since the beginning of the episode, she explains how she's ranking everyone. Hunt scoffs a bit, since he thinks she already knows all of that and instead should decide with her gut. She thinks just as little of his plan: "I'm not putting a patient's life in the hands of a nervous surgeon based on my gut." He just tells her that it worked for him, since it's what made him choose her. It sounds like he could mean that as more than just choosing her for the solo surgery.

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