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Ah, this week we return to the Seattle we know and love, where Meredith and Derek are like two giggling teenagers in love, and all they want to do this Valentine's Day is It. They have an adorable roadblock, though, in the form of Zola, sleeping in between the two of them in their bed. They decide that they'll go take a baby-free shower together, but once they get there a flock of rubber duckies is watching them and Mere doesn't want to perform in front of this particular audience. They run downstairs and fall onto the living room sofa, laughing so loud that they don't realize Lexie is there having morning coffee and watching a tape of a surgery. Well, we all do what we can to get ourselves out of bed in the morning. Mere yells at her to listen for the baby, and she and Derek run out to try and have a quickie in the Jeep.

They're interrupted by Lexie, who knocks without looking and holds Zola -- who woke up and somehow told Lexie that she wanted them and couldn't wait 20 minutes -- so that she can't see her mommy and daddy making a human pretzel. Derek laments that they might never get to have sex again but the two of them are still so baby-high that they don't seem super bothered, at least not yet. Mere gets out of the car and takes Zola, and Lexie calls after her that because she is sad and single, she can babysit later to give them a chance to be alone.

Callie is in charge of planning her and Arizona's V-Day this year and Arizona hopes it's going to involve somewhere with lots of flickering candles. Callie tells her she should definitely pack a bag, and Arizona is giddy at the thought of a night away, somewhere romantic. She asks about Sofia but Callie tells her that Mark got a sitter and then when he gets home at 11 he'll have her overnight. It all sounds great until starts dropping hints that seem to indicate that they might be camping. Arizona can't hide her dismay and barely even tries, but Callie assures her that it will be fun. Mere tells us that there are times when love really does conquer all.

Then, there are times when love brings you nothing but pain. Like when you are Cristina, alone in bed and wide awake while her husband hides at the hospital, standing over a blowing vent in an effort to find some inner peace.

But Valentine's Day doesn't stop for the broken hearted, and the hospital is decked out in red and pink decorations. Bailey and Ben get some coffee and he confirms with her that she really will be able to make their date that night. She promises that she rearranged her schedule especially for the occasion and saucily adds that she's even got high heels in her car. With that thought to keep him warm all day, they both head off to work.

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