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SDG is now W(ide)A(wake)DG and the accident and surgery seem to have given him some clarity. After Teddy and Owen give him some post-surgery instructions that include taking it easy and laying off the all-nighters, WADG declares himself done. He then goes on a rant about what a stupid business he is in where someone wants to send flowers and act nice to someone that they treat horribly the rest of the year. Owen seems sad to hear all of these things as WADG concludes that he used to buy into the whole game, but now he's over it. But then he says something that perks up Owen's ears: he declares that people should just try not being awful to each other and leave him and his flowers out of it. Teddy just replies by telling him Cristina will check on him later, and she leaves.

She's not excited to realize that Owen has been inspired, and he runs after her and asks if she has a moment. She turns, but says nothing, and he immediately tells her that he knows she's been through hell and he's part of it, and there's no magic solution, but that they used to be friends and he now needs a friend today. Dear Readers: If you are trying to mend fences with someone and something you did is a very large part of why your fences were crushed in the first place, the best approach to that first conversation is probably not to tell the other person what you need. He seems to think things are going well, I guess because Teddy hasn't stormed off, so he continues that he'd like to buy her a drink or five. He does not expect her reaction to be, "Are you done?" and he really doesn't expect the tidal wave of hatred that then comes crashing over him. Teddy spits, "I hate you." She goes on to tell him that from the second he put the hospital before her own personal needs she's hated him, and that at night when she looks at Henry's empty side of the bed she wishes actively that Owen were dead instead. Owen has the grace to look completely ashamed, and I would feel almost sorry for him if I didn't think that he should have known this was coming and in fact was warned by everyone that Teddy was going to hate him once she found out what he had done. "Hate" is almost too mellow a word, though; she goes on to say that when she thinks of all of the good soldiers that have been killed, she wonders how God could let them die while Owen is still alive. That's hatred exponentially compounded by raw grief, right there. She yells at him that they are not friends and never will be, that she hates him, and that he's never to speak to her again unless it is work related. Then, she turns and flees.

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