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Once Meredith and Bailey tell Randy what's going on, he's understandably distressed about the idea of his young wife losing her ovaries, and appalled at the idea that they have to take them out while not being 100% sure they're actually going to find the tumor. He thinks a moment and then yells at them that they are going to have to be surer than that before they go sterilizing his wife, but Meredith points out that if they don't do something right now she'll continue to have seizures and eventually she'll have so much brain damage that she will for all intents and purposes be gone. He's facing one of the shittiest conceivable decisions of his life, and on Valentine's Day, no less, and he just turns back in and looks at his unconscious, seizing wife.

Mark is sitting in a waiting area, eating chocolates out of a heart-shaped box, but he's not doing it with the same happy gusto that Meredith was earlier. And sure enough, he's eating the chocolates he bought for Julia since she just cancelled on him to do an emergency surgery. Lexie takes a chocolate for herself and the two munch away for a moment before Mark admits that he just doesn't want to disappoint Julia, so he really did everything up for the holiday. He is serious as he says this and he must be at least somewhat serious about Julia to be having this conversation with Lexie, of all people. She just seems to mull it all over and then finally admits with a smile that her hot date is none other than Zola. Their friendly moment is interrupted when Charlie's heart stops, and Sharon starts to panic as Lexie, Mark, and a bunch of others run in and immediately work to try and get his heart started again. It's a very bad sign that blood starts pouring out of his nose while they work.

And sure enough, when Richard and Lexie walk out to see Sharon in the waiting area, they are wearing their sad, serious faces and Sharon realizes she's about to get the worst news of her life. She starts to cry as Richard tells her he's so sorry, but Charlie died.

Bailey and Meredith are rooting around in Janell's insides and are joined by a new doc, Dr. Thompson, who seems to be the gynecological surgeon? It feels maybe like we're supposed to have met her before but I think I would have remembered the quite pregnant new surgeon if we had seen her before now. Her role is to be the killjoy as Meredith and Bailey try to find their microscopic teratoma, and she really thinks she should be the one to actually remove the first ovary. Meredith just informs her that she can't trust her third-year hands, and Bailey backs her up, so Dr. Thompson sighs heavily while being reduced to nothing more than a bystander in scrubs. Their plan is to take out Righty and then send her off to the lab to see if their teratoma is indeed there. Bailey asks Mere if she ever thought she'd be hoping so badly to find a tumor.

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