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While Karla is good and ready to get as far away from Terri as possible, Nico is having a tantrum and refusing to leave. Alex comes over and interrupts their fight, telling Nico conspiratorially that he's kind of embarrassed for him right now, since his mom is right and he's kind of too big for this behavior. But our little Romeo doesn't care; he is worried that if he's not there when Clem wakes up, she will think he doesn't love her. The adults share a glance but to their credit they go along with this, and Alex offers to be there when Clem wakes up and to give her any message Nico wants. He finally agrees, but warns Alex that he's going to need a pen and paper for the message. Alex could probably take some pointers from this little guy when it comes to dealing with love.

While they wait for the results, Mere and Bailey play tic-tac-toe on one of the sheets covering Janell while Dr. Thompson stands by and judges them harshly. To their dismay, when they get the call from pathology they are told that the ovary they removed was totally clean. Dr. Thompson reminds them that the other could be too, but Bailey snips at her that she doesn't think she has a good personality. Meredith just ignores her, sure that the teratoma has to be on the other one based on their tests. Bailey points out that if not, they will have just sterilized a young woman for nothing, but they get back to work and take that chance. As they pointed out to Randy, she'll be sterile but still having seizures until her brain dies so they are probably making the right call to see it through.

Cristina is sitting alone when Teddy walks by, and she flops into a chair and immediately starts to rant that she's done with Owen, and she can't believe he thinks that she could forget everything that has happened. She's indignant that he believed they could ever possibly be friends again. Unfortunately, she's so mad that she doesn't see how what she's saying could rather easily be flipped to Owen and Cristina, and if they did that, Cristina would come out the loser in that relationship. Cristina doesn't say anything, just stares straight ahead, and Teddy finally lapses into sad, angry silence.

Mere and Bailey aren't wasting time with tic-tac-toe now, instead they literally hover over the pathologist while he looks at slides from Janell's left ovary. He's perturbed and claims it's going to take a little while to be sure if the abnormal cells he sees really do indicate a teratoma, so finally Meredith orders him out of the chair. He tries to fight her but pretty quickly realizes he's not going to win this and she sits and takes a look into the microscope herself. She finds what she is looking for and has Bailey take a look -- they expectantly turn back to the pathologist who claims that they can't confirm it yet but finally is pressed into admitting that what he's seen so far all points to a teratoma. The women jump up and cheer like their team just scored a goal. Yay, microscopic autoimmune tumors!

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