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When Clem wakes up, Nico isn't at her bedside as promised. As Nico predicted she is kind of confused and sad that he isn't there but Alex makes her feel better when he says that Nico's mom made him leave, like, you know, MOMS are such a drag. The girl just mutters that it figures, so it's clear her own mom has done a good job already instilling in this ten-year-old that Nico's mom is evil. These two ARE Romeo and Juliet. Let's hope neither of them actually winds up dying. Alex tells her that he has a note from Nico and then reads it to her, and it's totally ten-year-old cute but still could probably teach a thing or two to men three times his age. He's sorry Clem is sick but not sorry she's his girlfriend, and that it's the worst to be alone on Valentine's Day, but he's thinking about holding her hand and jumping on the trampoline. He actually says he loves her, at which point even Alex can't help but exclaiming over the depth of Nico's feelings, and then finishes up by saying he doesn't care who gave who lice, he's just glad they had it together. Why has that not yet been printed in a greeting card? Clem smiles happily and Alex is completely charmed, telling her she picked a good one. The Grinch's heart grew three sizes that night as he learned that Valentine's Day wasn't all about just picking up lonely sad chicks after all.

Lexie goes into Charlie's room and starts gathering up his things; as she does, the cheap necklace that started the whole tragedy falls out onto the table. She notices that it is a locket, and after looking around guiltily for a moment, her curiosity gets the better of her and she opens it up. And horribly, on the inside are the words, "Will you marry me?" She just stares at Charlie's sheeted head as her heart breaks and shakes her head over the futility of it all. She could also be shaking her head over the size of the mental health bills Sharon will be incurring for the rest of her life once she sees that the necklace that indirectly killed her boyfriend actually held what she had wanted so desperately.

While Mark is hanging out with Sofia, wondering what to do for their Valentine's evening, the doorbell rings. It's not who Mark expected nor especially wanted to see though personally, I think it's rather delicious sight for a Valentine's night: Jackson, holding a bag of groceries and a bottle of wine. He explains that he has steaks and a good bottle of red, and he's going to cook for Mark. After the obligatory pause so that Mark can make an obligatory joke about having a girlfriend, Jackson tells him that he's going to cook dinner for them and that once Sofia goes to bed Mark is going to help Jackson study for his Boards because he is behind. I guess the "please" was in the food. Mark asks what he paid for the wine and Jackson sputters $50, so Mark decides to let him in.

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