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Callie, meanwhile, is leading a blindfolded, nervous, and whiny Arizona somewhere with a look of anticipation on her face. She doesn't let Arizona's already-tiring complaints put her off, and instead pumps up the surprise before finally having Arizona rip off her blindfold. What Arizona is dismayed to see is Callie, excitedly showing off Derek's trailer like it's a wall full of letters and she is Vanna White. Arizona is really disappointed to see that they are actually camping but when Callie's excitement won't be dampened, she tries to put on a smile and trudges over to follow her inside.

Once inside, however, she sees that Callie transformed the place into a romantic love den, complete with lingerie on the bed, scarves hanging from the ceiling, an exotic light fixture and Arizona's requested flickering candles. As the camera pans around I'm also convinced she used the Harry Potter spell to make the inside bigger than the outside -- I know it's the same set always used but somehow that thing seems extra roomy compared to the little silver shell you see from the outside. I guess looooove made it bigger. Arizona is enchanted, and thrilled not to be camping, and Callie points out that duh, Arizona hates camping. She's very gracious to leave, "I'm your wife and I know you so you might have trusted me a little," but I guess the whole reason the surprise worked is that Callie counted on and stoked Arizona's reaction. The two then get all flirty and kissy and down to the business of removing one another's puffy winter clothes.

Mere has Derek come to the lab where she gleefully shows off her teratoma in a Petri dish. She's high from her surgical victory, and Derek starts getting turned on by her excitement and sexy medspeak.

Bailey's still happy over their teratoma triumph as well, but then her phone rings and her face falls as she's given another surgery. Dejectedly, she tells whoever it is to send the patient over. Richard walks up and she tells him that a ruptured kidney is now going to ruin her Valentine's Day. He offers to do the surgery instead but she insists that she doesn't want to ruin his holiday too, and that he should go home and celebrate with his wife. Sadly, though, he already went home, where Adele didn't recognize him at all. However, she thought he was handsome and nice and invited him to dinner, where she proceeded to flirt mightily with him during the meal. His whole being radiates sadness and resignation and Bailey is brokenhearted on his behalf. But he finally convinces her to go, and insists that time alone with a kidney and scalpel will be good for him. She's hesitant at first as she walks away but as the gets further down the hall her step becomes surer and she starts into an excited run.

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