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Arizona and Mark walk in and she's pestering him to find out if she really is going camping. I am finding this incredibly annoying -- just let Callie surprise you, she's doing something nice! -- and yet I also totally understand, because camping is down near the bottom of my list of fun things to do. It falls somewhere in between sitting in traffic for hours and mopping floors. Mark then points out that they can't go camping since Sofia would hate it. There's a virtual record scratch, and Arizona demands to know what he's talking about since Callie said he was getting a sitter. I could never quite tell if he was just reneging on his promise or if there was a genuine misunderstanding in the first place but regardless, there are now shenanigans to be had. Arizona insists she needs to have sex with her wife, while Mark insists he has to have the perfect V-Day to impress his new girlfriend. Lexie overhears him talking about his young, fragile new relationship and can't help herself; she blurts out that she's got some hot plans too. Mark just seems confused.

April has decorated the ER while Jackson and Alex gripe about Valentine's Day and how you don't see all of the awesome booze-fueled injuries that you do on St. Patrick's Day. April thinks Alex is just bitter about being single but Alex insists that this holiday is actually about hitting on girls that don't have dates. How come there is never any in between? According to television, people (ladies especially) either have to be super into the holiday or vehemently against it and outspoken about it. How about those of us that are single and not angry nor crying into our soup about it, and who are looking forward to an evening with a glass of wine and the latest Downton Abbey? Alex points out that he has to study for his Boards anyway and Jackson's ears perk up. He obviously has not started studying yet (though he bluffs awkwardly that he has) and it seems like he's the only one not to do so yet. Owen walks up and, given the state of his personal life, shows his distaste for April's decorations by crushing one in his hand.

At the hospital, Meredith good-naturedly moans that her baby has ruined her sex life while a despondent Cristina says that hers is already dead. Mere's mood immediately deflates on her friend's behalf, especially when Cristina declares that she knows Owen is going to leave her. Mere tries to deny this but Cristina is certain, and then claims in that way we all have, when we are so emotionally exhausted that we feel like we can't expend any more energy on something, that she doesn't care and she can't make someone stay who doesn't want to. Mere points out somewhat quietly that Cristina could beg him, but Cristina has no interest in lowering herself to that. She starts to talk about how she's a busy, focused surgeon but Mere points out that they all are, so that doesn't count. As if Meredith just tried to rip away Cristina's life and identity with one cruel stroke, she pleads that it absolutely does count for her. And she really has let her single-minded surgical goals dictate all of her life decisions, so I guess she is kind of right. That might sound like I'm putting this all on her and once again, let me assure everyone that I'm not. She and Owen are having a pride-off and both are right and both are wrong. Cristina just assures Meredith that she doesn't beg, and if he wants to go, then fine.

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