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Alex's patient is a little girl named Clementine -- Clem -- who was brought in wheezing, with a rash covering her face. It turns out that the woman who brought her in, Karla, is not her mom but is the mom of Clem's admirer, Nico. Nico took Clem some Valentine's peanut clusters that Karla had purchased, having no idea that Clem was allergic to nuts. Nico, by the way, is super cute in a button up shirt, tie, and sweater. Karla is incredibly upset as she explains the story to Alex and tells him that Clem's mom is at the gym so that's why she brought her in. Alex tells Clem he has to give her an IV and Nico adds that if it hurts, she can squeeze his hand as hard as she wants. That's true love for ten-year-olds. Karla has her hand on his shoulders, obviously proud of him.

Sharon has no respect at all for the fact that Charlie is in a neck brace with internal injuries and a broken nose and just keeps hollering at him about the non-proposal. Lexie is kind of appalled, and poor Charlie just keeps pointing out that she didn't even look at the necklace she gave him. Sharon's angry reasoning is that she didn't have to, because it wasn't a ring. As she holds her naked fourth finger in illustration, Richard notices she has a gash on her arm and pointedly asks Lexie if she'll take her to another room and take care of it. After they leave, Richard turns to Charlie and tells him a man should be able to bleed in peace. Weakly, Charlie thanks him.

Meredith is happily munching on some Valentine's chocolate and looking at some test results on a computer when Bailey walks in, and she and Meredith have a slightly hamfisted expository conversation where it's explained that Meredith figured out that Janell has some sort of autoimmune issue and thinks that her antibodies might for some reason be attacking her brain. That's why Bailey is here and not Derek -- so that she can wind up busy and late for dinner. I mean, because Meredith's findings mean this is a job for general surgery rather than neuro. Bailey of course reminds Meredith she has plans and they have to solve the case quickly, just so that we know for sure some wrench will be thrown into things and she won't be on time. They start going over possibilities and it turns out Meredith was already doing some research and is pretty sure Janell must have a type of tumor called a teratoma.

Owen is sullenly looking at his own patient's scans while Christina stands a little ways away in dead silence. Their poor guy never even gets a name so to me he is now christened Sleepy Delivery Guy, SDG for short. Teddy walks in and Owen gives her the rundown -- SDG has a bunch of things that sound bad and all have some form of "card-" or "cardio-" in the name. Teddy immediately tells Cristina to book an OR and to find someone to assist, and very carefully Cristina tells her that Hunt has allowed her back on Teddy's service. Owen can't even look at them, which gives the impression that it's killing him to have given Cristina something she actually wants. But he can't have his cake and eat it to, and if he wants to not ever have a conversation with her again, that's what it takes. Teddy is equally careful not to act too excited, but she is cautiously pleased. Owen grumpily tells her they have to get into the OR as soon as possible and Teddy grumbles back, basically, "Duh."

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