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As Lexie bandages Sharon's arm, Sharon points out that Lexie must think she's a total bitch. Lexie scoffs though it's exactly what she was thinking, and Sharon explains that she and Charlie been together for eight years, and that each year the buildup gets worse. I notice as she gesticulates that she has a fresh, perfect manicure which was obviously so that the ring would look even more perfect on her hand. Lexie suggests that maybe Charlie doesn't know how bad she wants it, but Sharon says that they go to 20 (!!) weddings a year (the girl has got to learn how to start politely declining invitations, by the way) and that she sobs through each one when she's normally not sentimental. She assures Lexie that means that Charlie knows. And I had the thought that guys never get clues like that and she might have to just talk to him like an adult, but I can assure you readers now that as it turns out, she's right and he knows.

Just then Richard wheels Charlie out of the room -- Charlie seems to be unconscious -- and calls to Lexie that he's got massive internal bleeding and they need to get him to the OR. As Lexie joins him he calls to Sharon that they are taking her fiancé to surgery but once in the elevator, Lexie corrects Richard immediately that he isn't her fiancé.

I have to laugh every time an old character makes an appearance as if to remind us that there really are other regular staff members here. Intern Steve -- I guess he's Dr. Steve now, but in my head he's forever going to be Intern Steve -- is the lucky one who gets to work with Owen, Teddy and Cristina. In an effort to break the icy silence, he asks if anyone has Valentine's plans. Maybe we haven't seen him in a while because he's been on Mars, since that's the only reason I could possibly believe for not knowing just how stupid a question that is right now. After they all look at him like he has lost his marbles, Teddy finally explains with a bite in her voice that her husband died in that OR, Cristina did the surgery, and Owen hid his death from Teddy until she was done with her own surgery, so she ignores him. It's almost like she's recapping for us in case we lost track recently. She then explains that while Owen and Cristina are married, he wants kids and she doesn't so they don't speak to each other. That's the most delicate way I could possibly think of to describe the giant mess that is their marriage right now. So Teddy summarizes that no, they don't, then asks, "How about you?" Having been on Mars, Steve has lost the ability to read a room, so he actually starts to answer the question until he's almost turned to dust by the looks of the other surgeons and he shuts up.

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