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Charlie's surgery is not going well and Richard finally tells everyone that they should just pack him up and let him stabilize in the ICU before they do anything else. Before that happens, Mark and Jackson come in so that Mark can fix Charlie's broken nose, and as he does so he tries to order Jackson to babysit for him. Jackson wonders why Mark would even trust him as a babysitter and Mark tries to flatter him that he knows CPR, he's smart, he could run out of a burning building... all of the babysitting essentials. He then lectures Jackson that while women claim not to care about Valentine's Day they all care a lot. Mark, I love you, but sometimes you are a Neanderthal idiot. Way to stereotype, and in front of your ex-girlfriend too. Though judging by Lexie's expression over her mask, I think we're supposed to realize that she's pining a little for Mark to give her that perfect V-Day. Richard then says he'll stay with Charlie in the ICU but Lexie immediately offers to do it so that he can go celebrate his anniversary. Mark is quick to remind her that she said she had a hot date, and Jackson's ears perk right up about this. Richard comes to her rescue and breaks in to the conversation so the boys leave, but not without Jackson shooting a curious look back at his ex. Lexie thanks Richard sincerely for saving her.

Out of surgery, Cristina is waiting for the elevator when Owen comes up and rather pointedly stands in front of the doors to the other lift. He gets aggravated when nothing seems to happen and starts hitting the button some more; Cristina begins to point out that this is dumb but then just lets it go, not having the energy to fight about yet something else with him. She gets in the elevator, and Owen thinks a moment before following her. She leans against the back wall while he stands in front of the doors, and without ever turning to look at her he finally says, toward the door, that he's moving out. Cristina's face looks like he just drove a knife into her gut, and he manages to say that he'll be at his mom's place until he figures out something else. Her eyes are full of tears which he can't see, since he refuses to look her way. She's dumbfounded, and starts to crumble, but when he asks, "Okay?" she waits a moment and says the same. Once he gets off the elevator, though, she starts to fall apart.

Ben runs after Bailey and tells her that he got her message and that he was able to push their dinner reservations to eight. She's all impressed that he has the clout to change a reservation on Valentine's afternoon but he insists he has connections. She assures him that she won't be any later than that and that as soon as they confirm that Janell had a teratoma, she's putting on her sexy heels. But when she walks in the lab and sees Mere's face, she knows her day isn't going to work out that easily. Mere tells her that what they took off Janell's lung was a Benign Other-oma, and so Bailey tells an unsurprised Ben to push dinner until nine after all.

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