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When Terri sees that Karla is still at the hospital, she goes over and pointedly tells her it is okay to leave. Karla would love to, but explains that Nico won't leave until he knows Clem is okay. Instead of finding this innocent and heartwarming, Terri starts whisper-yelling at Karla, asking who the parent is in their relationship and saying that she lets her children run wild. Karla whisper-yells back about Terri's helicopter parenting. The two start going at it and the fight (de)escalates to the point that Terri claims Nico gave Clem head lice. Neither of them realizes that by now, both of their children are upstaging them in the maturity department, and not by a small amount. Alex again intervenes, yelling at them to let the kids be cute and in love, and then Nico comes to alert them to the fact that something is wrong, illustrating my point brilliantly. Clem's airway is closing and Alex is going to have to intubate. Nico seems to be the strongest one there as he watches the procedure and as soon as the tube is in, Clem starts doing better. Alex tells them that she has to stay overnight but she will be okay, and Terri turns and begs Karla to now leave, already.

Meredith and Bailey are baffled by Janell's test results because they are sure that she has to have a teratoma somewhere. The two start to discuss how it could be microscopic and if so, where it might be. Meredith points out that commonly these are found on the ovaries. Bailey realizes that's the answer, and that they'll have to take hers out, but Meredith is rather horrified at the idea in such a young woman and thinks maybe Bailey is jumping the gun. Bailey sadly points out that these things always show up on young, wonderful people and it's implied that this has to be the only place the thing can be. Look, this wouldn't be a TV medical drama -- especially not THIS TV medical drama -- if horrible things weren't happening to nice young people. At least the rest of Janell's family isn't dying on her birthday.

Sharon is sitting by Charlie's bedside as Lexie checks him out and he doesn't seem to be doing too well. She asks Sharon if she can get her anything and Sharon answers by admitting to Lexie that she had the ring picked out, and had sent pictures to her sisters so that they could help Charlie out when the time came. But now, seeing him battered and broken, she has realized that it's no longer important to her, and all she needs is him. She begs Lexie to make sure he's okay, and Lexie can only give her a sad smile because he's in no shape for her to be making any sort of promises.

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