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Leaving the Nest
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First off, I want to thank reader Karen who emailed me to point out that last week, Mere didn't tell Lexie she's great, she told her she's a GREY. That makes so much more sense given that they were talking about Lexie's being crazy or not, and explains Meredith's little knowing smirk as she says it. Ah, I love it when I hear something wrong the first time and then continue to hear it wrong on every subsequent viewing. Okay, now on to this week!

The docs are all in the locker room getting ready for another day of work as Meredith VOs: "The train doctors slowly. They watch us practice on frogs, and pigs, and dead people, and then live people. They grill us relentlessly. They raise us like children." As the residents get changed, the attendings convene for a meeting in the conference room. "And eventually they take a cold, hard boot and they kick us out of the nest." Richard flatters all of the attendings for a bit and then tells them why he gathered them there: he has a million dollar surplus and he's going to reward it to one department. Seriously? After all of his fretting about money last week he just found a cool million lying around? I call shenanigans, and Bailey seems too as well by the confused look on her face. He then promises the attendings that he'll keep the residents very busy to give them time to prepare their pitches about why their department should get the mystery money.

All of this has overlapped with him giving a speech to the residents. The way he is going to keep them busy is by "promoting" them for the day to attendings, and they all geek out as navy scrubs are handed out to everyone. He does remind them that the attendings will all be there if they get in too deep but otherwise, they are on their own and in charge today. Lexie asks the Chief why she didn't get any scrubs and he tells her that it's only for fourth-year residents. As she is apparently the only third year resident left in the entire hospital, she makes herself feel better by declaring herself Chief Resident for the day, even though Alex tries to laugh that she's actually his "scut monkey." Rather inexplicably, Cristina has been given navy scrubs -- knowing what she's going through, wouldn't you not put that pressure on her? But they do, and she just stares at them blankly for a long time until Meredith sees her and reminds her gently that the attendings will all still be there and that they are basically just playing glorified dress-up. Cristina says she knows but she has almost no voice and this is clearly another thing that is going to weigh on her today.

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