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Leaving the Nest

Meanwhile, though, Derek is getting ready to coach Jackson through his first solo surgery and he warns that he's not going to be able to hustle him the way he did Meredith. Jackson says he's ready and takes the drill, and as he starts a nurse calls out to Derek that Lexie has been paging repeatedly. Derek distractedly sends Mere to see what's up since he's busy, but her panties are still in a big old wad from earlier and she asks if he's sure, because she wouldn't want to appear overconfident. Fortunately, Derek just ignores her and focuses on the surgery, so Mere finally leaves.

Cristina is back at her post by Roy's room, with her chin in her hand as is her usual stance of late. April runs up and tries another tack to get Cristina's help -- she reminds her that cardio isn't her specialty and that she's worried she's going to go humiliate herself (and Teddy, Cristina, and the Chief) in front of the board. She's totally freaking out and it looks like Cristina is again going to just brush it off, but finally she points out to April that Roy was admitted two days earlier, and that Teddy could have convened a panel already but didn't. Slowly, April realizes that Teddy doesn't think he's a good candidate for the lungs, which is exactly what Cristina was getting at. April starts scribbling away in her notebook that she'll just go in and say that he's not a good candidate, and then everything will be fine. Cristina points out that yes, "Everyone will be fine except for Roy who will be dead." I shouldn't have laughed -- I think that just shows that I am apparently heartless -- but her deadpan delivery totally got me. April's not to happy that Cristina killed the good mood but again, at least she's going to live, unlike poor Roy.

By the time Mere reaches Megan's room, the girl is unconscious and Lexie's kinda freaking out, especially that she got Mere instead of Derek for the consult. Meredith immediately sends the boyfriend to the waiting room and then Lexie gives her the rundown of what she know happened. Mere looks at the scans that Lexie got and asks immediately if she was on blood thinners, which we know from earlier to be true -- Megan has a pesky brain bleed. Are they really that common in life or are there just extra brain bleeds to highlight Derek's surgical prowess? She tells a nurse to book an OR while Lexie frets about how she could miss this but Meredith asks her if she checked the platelets (yes, they were normal) and then says after that she got a CT and paged neuro, which were all the right things to do. In fact, now the only wrong thing is that she's standing there wasting time instead of going to the OR. Lexie pauses and admiringly points out that Mere totally sounds like an attending, and Mere is pretty stoked herself as she agrees, then slips back into professional mode to have Derek paged.

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