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Jackson is standing around totally uselessly and asks Derek if there's anything he can do but Derek just snaps at him as he keeps working to fix the damage that was done. A nurse holds up a cell phone, which seems awfully strange since I think there are still hospitals that forbid people from using them inside, but flashy surgeons get all the perks, I guess. Mere is on the phone and tells him the situation but he has his hands full, quite literally, and tells Meredith she has to handle it on her own. She's totally shocked and he just reminds her that she wanted a solo surgery that day, so here it is. Without wasting any more time gaping, she then immediately turns businesslike and dives right in to directing the nurses to get her the tools she needs.

As some music kicks in, Alex is prepping Seth's body for surgery and when Mark asks Arizona if he's a horrible person to root against him, Arizona reminds him that the patient is a child. So... yes. If that was an adult? Hack him to pieces! Who cares? But Mark calls out to Alex that he can do it, and Alex gets to work. I can't even watch this. Even though these are breasts on a man, watching any cut Alex makes I think is the equivalent of a guy seeing something horrible happen to another dude's junk, and I basically just held my boobs in my hands and whistled a happy tune as he worked. Mere is also working away with Lexie assisting, and Derek keeps going on his own surgery while a totally ashamed Jackson watches him. As they all work (and Mark impresses Arizona) we see the significant others all nervously waiting in the waiting area, and then we see poor Roy, waiting and wheezing away, looking terrified at what might happen.

Bailey has been filled in on what's up by Teddy and can't believe she's letting April run things, but Teddy just gripes that Cristina has been totally useless, no better than an intern. It's not a surprise to see that of course Cristina was waiting just on the other side of the door and happened to overhear that all.

Her best friend is having a much better day -- Lexie is totally impressed that she stopped the bleeder and when Derek walks in, Meredith just calls him off, saying she has it under control and can finish it. Derek glances at her work and beams, "Yes you do!" So much for Teddy's theory that he hasn't been cultivating any talent.

Finally out of all the surgeries, it's time for Derek to give his pitch, which is that he's going to find a cure for Alzheimer's. Richard is skeptical, especially as a million dollars wouldn't even cover startup costs for a clinical trial. But Derek puts on his fanciest know-it-all-pants and tightens his belt of self-righteousness, and announces that after that money runs out, investors will shower him with additional funds if they have a loved one who has suffered from the disease. He tells Richard about Mere's awesome surgery and says confidently that she inherited her mother's talent, but it makes him think all the more that she might also have inherited the Alzheimer's. He admits that every time she forgets her keys or something silly he gets worried that it's the disease announcing its arrival. It's interesting that these are his thoughts when he just last week was also totally adamant that he doesn't actually want to know if she's got it. He finishes up his presentation by announcing that breakthroughs don't happen because of medicine but rather because someone was afraid to stop trying. It's a really valid goal, but I can't imagine at all that the Chief is going to give him the money just relying on future investors to foot the other 90-something percent of the actual bill, no matter what his feelings for Ellis and her daughter.

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