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Joanne and Ellie are having a happy post-surgery reunion while Jackson stares at them, looking like someone just ran over his puppy. While this was a legitimate mistake, I'm still not entirely buying this season's sudden "Jackson is a screwup" theme. Fortunately, Derek doesn't seem to either -- when Jackson asks what he should say to explain how he botched the surgery, Derek tells him that he says nothing other than that the surgery was a success. He explains that mistakes happen, and he yelled because that is his job, but that ultimately the surgery was a success and that's all they are going to tell the patient. Again, poor Teddy's suggestion that Derek doesn't teach is looking more and more petty and untrue by the moment. The guys walk into the room and Joanne goes and gives Jackson a big kiss and hug to thank him and to show that she was totally wrong in judging him to be a dumb trainee. Unfortunately this only makes him feel worse, and he stands there stiff as a board as she hugs him. A nicely ripped one, but a board nonetheless. It's a good thing she's too happy to notice, because it's actually kind of unprofessional that he can't pull it together for two minutes.

After April's failed presentation and Cristina's mumbling opinion, the two are sent to the hall while the board discusses things, and April is embarrassed and fuming as she reminds Cristina that they were supposed to be a team and that Cristina had told her what to say. It's clear she's mortified but she might pause and be happy that their patient now has at least a chance at not croaking on their watch. Cristina quietly says she didn't plan it, and April's anger seems to melt as she admits sadly that she's not used to failing. Cristina sounds terribly pathetic as she responds, "Neither am I." When Teddy and Richard come out April runs off, but Cristina goes up to Teddy to defend what she did even if Teddy doesn't agree. That's now two voluntary conversations within the span of an hour or so -- not bad! And for her part, Teddy is happy and tells her that in a case like this the right decision is just to make a decision, and Cristina did that by forming an opinion and arguing for it. And happily, her mumbling actually managed to sway the board, and Roy is on the list for a new set of lungs. Teddy proudly tells her, "You were a doctor today." Cristina is visibly shocked that this all actually worked out.

Bailey gets the last presentation of the day, and unlike her predecessors, she has some very unsexy, sensible ideas for the money -- to repair some broken machines in the basement, and to use whatever is remaining to hire an extra night nurse. She looks incredibly proud of herself, but Richard whines that he can't believe this is all she's got when he was looking for inspiration and competition among all the docs. Bailey doesn't take it personally and instead turns it on him, pointing out that she wants to go to Paris but that as a mom, she has to be more sensible about what to do with her time and money so instead of planning a vacation she does laundry, minds her son, and works to put food on the table. She then points out that a million dollars is basically nothing when they are talking about all of these grand medical plans and tells him they need to fix what they've already got. "Let's not go to Paris. Let's go to the grocery store, Chief." Can we take a moment not only to cheer her awesomeness in this moment, but to cheer that she seems more whole than she has all season? I love having Original Bailey back, bringing the Chief back down to earth. He sighs like he's dealing with an insolent teenager and literally throws up his hands, but she just asks him what I thought of at the beginning of the episode -- why is he wasting everyone's time like this when they both know he doesn't have a million dollars lying around? It's Richard's turn to look a bit smug, and he tells her teasingly that things might be a little different in the next few weeks. She just raises her eyebrows at this idea.

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