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Leaving the Nest

Out in the hall they are anxious to find out who actually gets to do the procedure and Derek tells them he's going to have them compete in the skills lab so he can decide. Jackson figures he's already screwed since he's competing against the wife, but Mere tells him it's just a game. She can't help talking a little trash, that all he has to do is win... but he won't.

Neither Mark nor Arizona are thrilled that Alex is the one to handle their patient -- Arizona is already uncomfortable about doing plastic surgery on a child, but when Mark points out she'd support it if this was something growing on the kid's face, she gripes that she still wouldn't want Alex doing it, and Mark readily agrees. Callie walks up and when they share their worries she brushes off that Alex is going to do an awesome job, and then changes the subject to the pitches, figuring they want to focus their worries on Alex rather than their presentations. Arizona laughs at her, sure that as always the tiny humans are going to get the money, since no one ever says no to kids. Callie acts surprised and then asks if she thinks Arizona will cry. It's meant to be funny but also kind of a low blow, and Arizona is totally annoyed. After she leaves Mark calls her on her psych games but Callie defends that ortho needs the money more, which gives Mark his chance to bluster that plastics is going to get it over both of them. Callie laughs at him and points out that he never prepares for anything, figuring his looks, charm and wit will get him what he wants -- he agrees, because it has always worked for him thus far. She's skeptical, and as he walks away, she snickers after him.

Cristina and April are working together on Teddy's patient, Roy, who sums up his problem nicely: "I can't breathe for crap." April tells him they will run tests but Roy is sure that he just needs new lungs, as he was warned in the past that this would happen one day. Teddy calls on Cristina to see if she has anything to add, but she eventually just parrots that they will run some tests. April asks him about any family and he says he has a daughter nearby, but doesn't want to trouble her, and that he's tough and can do it alone. April puts on her most Serious Doctor face and tells him that this is serious, so it's probably the time to trouble her.

In the hall April turns back into her usual manic motormouth self and asks if he's a transplant candidate, but Teddy tells her it's her call today. April muses that there's no other choice, so Teddy asks Cristina if she agrees. It's basically a yes or no question but Cristina just mumbles that she doesn't know, and when Teddy asks if she thinks they should convene a panel, Cristina mumbles that she couldn't say. April gets as exasperated as she can, since she's usually the bubbliest human on the planet, and frets that they are running out of time so she wants to convene a panel today. Teddy agrees, and April bounces off to get some interns to order tests. Cristina tries to slink off too, but Teddy calls after her, pretty ticked off that Cristina couldn't even say if she agreed with something or not. Cristina claims that she's trying but Teddy is fed up and totally exasperated, and reminds her that they aren't asking her to cut but that she does need to have an opinion and participate, at least. She warns Cristina that they are at a crossroads, and she has to pull herself together or Teddy might recommend to Richard that it's time to let her go. The Very Serious music playing illustrates that this isn't an empty threat. Bum bum buuuuuum.

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