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Alex is drawing lines on Seth's chest to note where he's going to cut, and after watching for a bit Mindy snaps and declares that Seth isn't having the surgery after all. Seth argues that she said that after his bar mitzvah he would be a man and could make the decision about the surgery, but she admits that she thought he would then make the "right" decision. But seriously, what 13-year-old in this situation would ever NOT decide to have this surgery? Mindy obviously doesn't remember anything of the special type of hell that is junior high and high school, especially if you are at all different. She rails that people can't cut off the parts they don't like about themselves, but when Seth tries to argue she won't listen and just cuts him off to remind him that his dad has the same condition and no one thinks he is a woman. That said, I feel like the dad would actually probably be standing up for Seth if he was there, as presumably he has already gone through everything that Seth is dealing with, but without the added sadistic factor of social networking to make any teasing that much worse. But we never actually meet Dad in this episode, so Mindy and Seth have to duke it out alone. She leaves to go call InvisiDad and Seth tells Alex about all of the teasing he endures, including finding bras hanging in his locker, and says desperately that he wants to start over next year in high school, looking normal like everyone else. Alex gives him a mute nod, and he seems to care, but doesn't actually say anything.

Though April said she'd have interns run Roy's tests, she and Cristina are there doing them themselves, and it only adds to my confusion about where all of the younger residents have gone. Roy wants to know why they need a panel since they know he needs lungs, and April delicately says that some people aren't good candidates for transplant. But as she goes down the list -- someone might not reliably take their meds, or might have a disease in another organ -- he has an answer for everything. He looks over at Cristina, silently working away, and says he wants to know what she thinks: "The one with the sour puss on her face." Cristina is miffed and informs him that it's not sour, it's just her face, and April rather hilariously agrees without batting an eye that it is just her face. Cristina won't give him any sort of concrete answer when he asks if she thinks he'll pass, and he finally laughs and tells her to cheer up already, since she's young and has her health. He then goes on about how great they both are doing and of course says their fathers must be really proud -- April happily tells him that yes, as she came from a farm her dad is extra proud, but Cristina clams back up completely at the mention of dads and just glares at Roy instead of saying anything. Roy isn't scared of her though and just comments that now she really does have a sour puss.

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