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Leaving the Nest

It seems the cafeteria is again a legitimate lunch possibility -- the staring must have died down -- and Callie, Arizona, Mark and Teddy are all eating lunch and laughing like this is the funniest meal in the history of lunches. Mark admits that Callie psyched him out, so they must be laughing at this Powered By Chastity presentation earlier. Alex walks by with his face inexplicably in a book and Mark asks him about what happened with Seth and mocks him for his ineptitude; Alex claims Mindy is thinking about it but even Mark seems to know that's not true, and Alex gripes that he can't force the woman to listen to him. Way to just give up and make no effort there, dude. He walks off, confused by the mania at the table, and the talk goes back to the presentations -- Arizona is up next but as she goes to leave Callie hands her a packet of tissues, "Just in case." This is seriously so obnoxious, and Arizona seems a little tired of it but heads off with them in hand, and Mark informs Callie that she has a sickness. When is Callie going to get something to do again? Or if not something to do, something that's actually funny and not just selfish, trite, annoying, or a combination of those three?

It's time for the Skillz Showdown, and Derek tells them they have to write their initials in the eggshells without breaking the membrane of the egg, adding that if neither of them breaks it he'll judge them on precision, so make sure the initials are clear. He starts the timer and they work away for 30 seconds; when the time is up Mere proudly shows off her initials which look like "MC" since the G isn't quiiiite finished. Derek then heads over to Jackson, who sighs that he wishes he had more time... so that Derek is all the more amazed when he sees that Jackson actually was able to write "JAVERY" onto the egg. Meredith is pissed beyond belief that he played her and stupidly admits that she was lulled into feeling like she didn't have to practice. Derek chastises her deservedly for her overconfidence, and then he rewards the surgery to an elated Jackson while Meredith sulks.

Fortunately, Arizona makes her pitch without crying and actually seeming very professional with her notes and demeanor as she pitches a few different ways that the money can go to help the children. Richard is impressed and she immediately jumps on him, saying he seems surprised. When she asks he finally admits, a bit sheepishly, that he thought she might cry, so she pulls out the packet of Kleenex and gripes about Callie doing the same thing. She tries to stay calm as she suggests that they all forget that she has cried in the past, since it is something that both rarely happens and that she has under control. For one second I thought she'd punctuate that with some tears but she instead channels all of her energy into getting totally pissed off. She rants about the others thinking she would do that and claims to want to punch something, which is going a little bit far but would still be fine if she didn't then go on and on about how her Marine father taught her how to hit. She finally flicks the tissues down the table where they come to rest at his hand and she realizes that she just lost total control a la Teddy. Feebly, she pulls back and suggests they just come back to the subject of the darling children, but he obviously by now thinks she's a total nut -- the look on his face seems to say that he's wondering just how crazy his staff really is. To which I say, you hired them all, this has never been a secret, buddy.

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