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Leaving the Nest

Owen sees his bride working at a computer terminal and moseys over to flirt with her, but her mood is to dark to be charmed by him and she heaves a breath and, totally defeated, tells him, "My patient deserves a doctor." Weirdly, it's kind of refreshing to at least know that somewhere in there she at least cares about the patients, since she's been such a zombie I wasn't sure any emotion or any tiny bit of caring was inside of her at all right now. Owen echoes what all of the other doctors have said, that she doesn't have to cut, but she cuts him off and says she knows what is being asked of her and she's doing it. Well, today not so much, actually, since she can't even answer a question. He thinks a moment and then tells her he has an idea: they are going to go out to the alley and he's going to let her beat the shit out of him. She finally laughs instead of cries and Owen, relieved, says, "There you are. I knew you were in there somewhere." Her smile fades some but she's still amused, and when he reminds her that no matter what, they are going home together, she kisses him on the cheek.

From the hallway, Alex watches Seth pack his bags -- he's the absolute picture of dejection as he stuffs things into his backpack, and it's what Alex needs to finally sack up and say something. He walks over to Mindy, who is going over all of the discharge papers with Arizona as Mark looks on, and with hands on his hips launches into quite a lecture. He reminds Mindy that this isn't something Seth will grow out of, and how if this was something that could be treated another way he'd recommend that, but in this case the kid needs surgery. Mindy rolls her eyes, bent out of shape, but she does listen and Mark gives an almost imperceptible nod of admiration as Alex continues. Arizona also smiles at Alex, where Mindy can't see her, as Alex reminds her that her son will be in high school next year and there's no reason he has to stay like this and be subjected to all of the bullying he'll surely face. Mindy finally looks down at the ground and Arizona puts her straight face back on and turns to ask innocently if Mindy has any more questions.

Lexie runs in to see Megan since she just got paged, and her boyfriend is sure something is wrong; Megan explains that her vision is blurry and her left side is tingling. She's terrified and Lexie tells them calmly that she doesn't know what's wrong but that she'll get a CT and page neurology for a consult so that they can figure it out. She can't help but get in a little dig that Megan is going to get to see another doctor today after all.

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