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Boxing Day

Mere's voice points out the flip side. "Or, they see us as monsters. But the fact is, we're just people." Callie puts a splint on Mark's wrist, which is fortunately unbroken. Lexie runs in and Callie smiles at her, looking at her as she says that the wrist needs icing. She gazes at the happy couple before she goes. Lexie tells Mark she's sorry, but he tells her that it was worth it. She denies this, but then agrees with a grin that maybe it was, just a little. "Thank you."

"We screw up. We lose our way." Callie is about to do the former, as she sips on a drink and watches Arizona from across the bar. With some Dutch courage, she walks right up to Arizona and launches into an explanation of all of the experience she has to give. She mentions her marriage, and adds that she was in the Peace Corps in Botswana, which is what made her decide to go to med school. As she talks about how she just started cooking, she doesn't notice that the girl Arizona was talking to before Callie walked up is giving her a weird look. And Arizona's grin has definitely turned from surprised to embarrassed. Callie announces that if Arizona can't see what experience Callie has to offer, that makes Arizona inexperienced. It also makes Arizona... on a date with the now pissed-off looking other girl, Julie. Callie turns and takes a swig of her drink before leaving the bar.

Addie walks in and hands Bailey, also sitting at the bar, a letter of recommendation since Callie told her about Richard's awful form letter. Bailey is sincerely touched and thanks her, but Addison tells her just to kick ass, since she said that Bailey was the most promising young peds surgeon she has ever worked with. Of course, she hasn't worked with her on an actual peds case, but that's just a minor detail. She knows, like we all do, that Bailey is awesome. As Bailey reads the letter, Mere VO's, "Still, we move forward." Hunt goes up to Cristina at one of the tables and chastises her a bit. He says that she taught someone who needed to learn but also bullied someone who needed compassion. Cristina isn't budging, and just says she wasn't a bully AND she was right. Hunt says out loud what we all have seen -- that she's a lot like Campbell, being stubborn, opinionated and smart. I love that Cristina agrees with him, and he tells her that in 40 years he's going to have to pry the scalpel out of her hand. Cristina corrects dramatically, "From my cold dead hand." Hunt laughs, but also tells her she just completely missed the point, which is that he wants to be around in 40 years. He smiles at her while she just looks surprised. I mean, I love seeing these two develop, but that's some quick decision making right there.

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