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Boxing Day

Richard is speaking with John while the other surgeons stand quietly by, and he explains that John has a lacerated bowel and nicked artery. Campbell paces furiously behind him as he explains it, but she's pleasantly surprised when John breathes his own sigh of relief. He figured that when the Chief was coming down to talk to him, it meant he was going to die, so this is nothing. Richard tells him that he has the right to request another surgeon and John is confused; he definitely still wants Campbell to do the surgery, and she smirks to hear it. That done, Richard leaves, but Cristina runs after him since she thinks John didn't really understand what he was being told. Richard has on his Exasperated Pants and just tells her to back off.

George is following Izzie like a puppy dog, trying to get her to help him come up with things to say about Bailey in his letter of recommendation. Izzie's in a right state and calls Bailey an ass, saying she doesn't listen. George follows her as she stomps right into dermatology and sits down -- when he notices where they are he's a little surprised to find out that she still goes there. Izzie finally relents and says to call Bailey dependable and selfless. "Everything she was until she wasn't." She then tells him he should go, and he does after happily coming up with, "dependably selfless." Just after he leaves, Dr. Daisy Peppman comes out and calls Izzie's name for an appointment.

John is in surgery, and Richard comes in to observe Campbell. She teases him about it and mentions one time eons ago when he dropped a clamp into a body cavity. They laugh it off but she is clearly in a better mood than Richard. She manages to work the subject around to his teaching, commenting that she doesn't know how anyone learns by being encouraged, validated, and inspired. She thinks fear and shame are what cause learning, and asks Hunt if his rigid Army training didn't help him become the doctor he is now. He readily agrees, and Campbell turns on Cristina, figuring she hasn't faced much fear in the OR. Clearly she was in her office and didn't hear about the whole, "doing Burke's surgeries for him in secret," thing. Cristina announces that she would welcome any chance to learn, so Campbell asks her how she would perform a pulmonary embolectomy. Cristina would do something that involves a fluoroscope, and seems very pleased with herself and her answer. Campbell then asks what she would do if the power went out, or if she was in a hospital that couldn't afford the tool. Cristina is struck dumb, so Campbell starts to get preachy, asking if kids should not learn math since they now have calculators. Cristina, never known for her long fuse or her ability to play well with others, comments, "If it would help them avoid mistakes like this one." She has managed to ruffle the elder surgeon, who starts screaming at Cristina to get out of her OR. Faye Dunaway is feeling her oats here -- she's got... gusto.

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