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Boxing Day

And now it's time for the promised Showdown of the Week. Derek still can't stop the bleeding, which is now in the frontal lobe. Well, as the poor temporal lobe is resting in a dish somewhere, Jen's brain has to bleed elsewhere, right? Addison is really worried, and finally says she has to deliver the now very distressed baby. Derek points out that if she takes the baby, Jen will lose too much blood and die. That said, he makes up his mind to take out her frontal lobe as well. Addie is completely freaked out now, pleading with him to stop. Mere asks if she can live without the frontal lobe as well -- she can, but not as the same person she was before and not as the person her family needs her to be. Addison explains, "She'll lose everything that makes her human." Knowing that Derek is ignoring her, Addie pleads with Meredith, who finally turns to Derek and asks if he's sure he can do this. He says he has no choice, which is a really frightening answer from a freaked-out neurosurgeon. Addison yells that if Jen lives, he's creating a monster. "You don't get to play God here." Now whose fault is that, pumping him up as a God just a few days before, Addison? She pleads that Jen is gone but the baby has a chance, and finally grabs a scalpel to start the delivery. Angry, Derek yells at her to put it down, and they have a stare-off as she tells him to put his down. It's all very grade-school of them, yelling at each other like this. Addie starts to yell to Mere but Derek orders her to go nowhere, so Addie has Alex run to get the Chief while she pleads with Derek to stop. He only says in his most haughty voice, "Do not touch my patient, Addison." What Rob didn't know is when he told Derek to save his wife over the baby, he needed to stipulate that he wanted her back as the functioning human being that he knows and not as a husk of a person.

Derek is still working away as Addison pleads with Mere to intervene. Mere orders Derek to look at her and tells him that Jen is gone, but they can save the baby. The vitals are dropping rapidly while Derek works away, and it takes all Meredith has to get Derek to look at her even for just a moment.

Campbell, Hunt and Richard are scrubbing out, and Campbell admits that she made a mistake and is sorry, but she's only human like they all are. She grandly concludes, "And for that, I do not apologize." Instead of a fitted surgeon's cap she's wearing what looks like a shower cap and it's not doing her crazy facial features any favors. Richard starts to speak but she cuts him off, saying there is no need to discuss it -- clearly she knows that things could wind up badly for her. Alex runs in to say they need Richard and while Richard tries to brush him off, Alex is urgent enough that agrees to come along. Hunt, alone with Campbell, admits that he was fired from the Army -- better known as an honorable discharge. "They knew it was my time even though I didn't. I'm grateful to them for that." Campbell looks stunned as Hunt leaves. I must say, that was a pretty awesome last word for this conversation.

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