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As We Know It (2)

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As We Know It (2)
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After a relatively brief regurgitation of last week's episode (Mere thinks she's going to die, enter Stupid Von Bombgut with a big ol' unexploded WMD in his belly, hospital goes to code black, Kyle Chandler is hot, Bailey ain't pushin', Alex and Izzie sex it up, Cristina Ricci freaks, Mere sticks her hand in the Belly of Bombs and whispers "What'd I do, what'd I do, what'd I do" over and over again, et cetera), we get a sort of montage of different areas of the hospital, some empty, some filled with a non-pushing Bailey, as Mere voice-overs about how they say that in hospitals, you know when you're going to die; that it's a look some patients get in their eyes. "When the great beyond is heading for you," she says, "you feel it coming." She pauses. "Whatever it is, it's creepy." Heh. As we catch a glimpse of Addison looking scared and Alex and Izzie butt-nekkid in the closet at the closing of what appears to have been a marathon session of coitus, Mere says, "If you knew this was your last day on earth, how would you want to spend it?"

I'm thinking that "Up to my elbow in guts with my hand wrapped around a bomb" is not the answer most of us would come up with.

George is standing around, watching the Chief look panicked across the way, as Alex and Izzie scramble up and attempt to look like they did not just do it standing up against a stack of scrubs. Alex and Izzie are failing miserably at this attempt. George tells the Coitus Couple that something happened in OR Three and that Hannah the paramedic is missing. The Chief walks past them and George asks what happened and all the Chief will say is, "Quiet board. A quiet board's what happened."

We head off to check in with Martyr Medicine Man #1, McDreamy, as he's poking and prodding at the brain of Bailey's husband. No offense to Patrick Dempsey (because I LOVE HIM) but his surgical fakery is looking rough. I mean, dude looks like he's trying to crochet a hockey jersey with some salad tongs there. Anyway, Martyr Medicine Man #2, Burke, enters and asks how it's going and McDreamy smart-asses that no matter what tack he takes, there's a danger that ol' Tucker could hyphenate through his craniotopography and die. What? I don't have a medical degree. Hell, I don't even have a medical dictionary. Do I really need one for this show? This isn't ER, for god's sake. I just watch this shit for the hot doctors, yo.

McDreamy asks what Burke wants and Burke seems to want to tell McDreamy that he's a stupid-ass for not evacuating. McDreamy's like, uh, takes one to know one, you pompous tool. "We should consider a change in profession," quips McDreamy. "Yeeeehhhsss," chortles Burke. "We should." McDreamy asks if Burke can operate on the guy without the bomb exploding, and Burke assures him that after the bomb squad gets through assessing the situation, he should be able to handle the job. "I gotta say," says McDreamy, "I don't wanna be the guy who kills Bailey's husband." Burke calmly considers this. "And I don't wanna be the guy who kills us all." Ouch. Burke wins this round of "My Job Sucks More Than Yours."

Sucking Chest Wound Operating Theater. Mere still has her hand inside Stupid Von Bombgut's belly. Cristina's breathing for the guy as Kyle "I'm Super-Hot" Chandler puts a flak jacket on Mere. Hot Kyle tells Mere that what she did was incredibly stupid, and Cristina doesn't even take a breath before she spits out that she agrees. "Okay, you know when you don't need to be made fun of?" Mere snaps. "Like when you've got your hand inside a body that's got a bomb in it and a stranger is velcro-ing a flak jacket to your boobs." Hee. So true, Mere. So true. Cristina shuts up, and Mere looks at her. "I had a feeling," she says pointedly. Cristina understands what Mere's talking about, because she gets this look on her face like, "Oh, shit. Maybe I should have paid more attention and, um, not physically kicked you out of bed. That might have been nice, huh?"

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