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As We Know It (2)

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As We Know It (2)

Back with the Chief and the rest of the rabble, he's kind of freaking out and Addison is unwisely telling him to calm down. The Chief is like, uh, did you just say "calm down"? Because I got a bomb in a body cavity, a shut-down OR, two of my favorite drinking buddies -- erm, I mean, two of my finest surgeons trapped within a ten-foot radius of an explosive device, a missing paramedic, an intern with her hand wrapped around a bomb, and my favorite resident who's in labor but refusing to push the damn baby out. I'm thinking that CALM DOWN is not in my vocabulary at this moment, you pinched-face little TWIT. "Okay, don't calm down!" snaps Addison. The Chief looks at her like, "That's what I THOUGHT you said." Hee.

George steps up and muffles that Dr. Bailey is scared and that it's a day to be scared. The Chief and Addison look at George like he has a vat of pigeon poo dripping down over his head. Then they hilariously ignore him (aw, poor George!) and continue their discussion of Bailey's non-pushing as if George never spoke at all. Addie's worried that if Bailey doesn't push, she's going to have to do an emergency C-section, and in order to do that, she's going to need an OR. The Chief hollers that he doesn't HAVE an OR to GIVE or doesn't Addie remember the part about THE BOMB? The Chief wants Addie to convince Bailey to push because, after all, Bailey's rational. Addie wants the Chief to try pushing a prize-winning watermelon out of his ass and see how rational HE is. She also wants him to find her an OR, build her an OR, pull an OR out of thin air, she doesn't care, just do it, or Bailey's baby will die. Addie stalks off, and the Chief subtly touches his left arm a couple of times as a nurse hands him the set of blueprints he asked for. I didn't notice the Chief touching his arm the first time I watched this, but now that I see it, I can only say nice little signal, there, Chief! Methinks there's an attack of some sort coming up some time soon!

Izzie's back in the Linen Closet of Looooove. Alex enters (ha! I'm twelve) and sits next to her as she giggles inappropriately some more. She says she laughs at funerals and he says he doesn't go to funerals and before we know it, Izzie's launched herself at Alex's face. In a surprising move, Alex stops her. Izzie pulls back and confesses that she was jealous of Meredith and the chest cavity surgery and now…well, now, Meredith might die. "I was jealous, Alex," says Izzie. Alex touches her face and they kiss and my guess is that he's going to administer that dose of coitus Izzie needs so much.

Sucking Chest Wound Operating Theater. Burke, Mere, and Hot Kyle seem to be just hanging around, waiting. Seems like a perfect time for a chat. Mere asks if this is the strangest thing that's ever happened in Burke's OR and he says that it certainly is. "Good," she quips. "Because I'm very competitive." Heh. "All the best surgeons are," he says seriously. Aw. Dammit! I can't cry already! It's only sixteen minutes into the bloody episode! Sniff. Tissue, anyone?

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