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As We Know It (2)

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As We Know It (2)

Speaking of needing a tissue, George is calmly trying to talk Bailey into pushing, and Bailey looks like she'd remove George's testicles with a set of nail clippers if she could manage to get her baby-laden butt out of the chair. George tells her about the potential emergency C-section and Bailey just irrationally demands a ride home because this baby is not coming out today, no way, no how. George tells her the baby could die and she just hollers, "CAN YOU GIVE ME A RIDE?" George doesn't respond, and Bailey orders him to get the hell out. He reluctantly leaves.

Back with the Chief, he's looking at the blueprints. "Is there any news?" says a female voice. He looks up, and it's Mrs. Stupid Von Bombgut. She shakily blathers something about her husband and how he could die because he's losing a lot of blood, and I know that I should feel sorry for her because how awful would it be to lose your loved one in this way but -- and you can hate me for this if you want -- I kind of just want to take her out back and beat her around the head and neck with a Nerf bat for a couple of hours. Maybe it's because of all the screaming she did before. Or, really, I suspect that it's her husband and that stupid friend of his I really want to do damage to, but one of them has a bomb in his gut and the other one isn't here right now, so beggars can't be choosers and I'd really like that Nerf bat right about now, okay?

So, whatever, Mrs. Stupid Von Bombgut asks the Chief if her husband could die, and the Chief honestly answers her that yes, he could bleed out and die. Mrs. Stupid takes this relatively well and leaves to go cry in a corner and avoid my Nerf Bat of Pointless Revenge. The Chief watches her go and then shouts that he wants an update and where in the HELL is the head of the bomb squad? "I'm right here," snaps Hot Kyle impatiently. "And we're good to go." He says that his team is in place and Burke is ready and they can have the bomb out in under ten minutes, "If I'm not interrupted again." Heh. The Chief takes Hot Kyle's snotty tone in stride and then calmly announces that, even though he's turned off the oxygen in the room with the bomb, the main oxygen line for the entire floor of the OR lies directly beneath the bomb room. Well, clearly that's not a good thing.

Linen Closet of Looooove. Alex and Izzie have just finished another treatment of coitus and are putting on their clothes. Alex tells her that it's all going to be okay and Izzie rolls her eyes at him, like, what a stupid thing to say, Dr. Love. Izzie rushes off to help in some way and thanks him for the okay comment, even if it's incredibly clichéd and not very comforting. Alex chases after her, in case she comes down with another case of the giggles and needs another Hot Love Injection.

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