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As We Know It (2)

Elsewhere in the hospital, Addie's scrunched up on a gurney somewhere, looking less than pleased. George approaches and he's full of questions. He's all, what do we do about Bailey? Can we drug her? How about we put a burlap sack over her head and drag her to a safe house and perform the C-section there? Is this annoying? All my questions? Because I can stop? But then I'd have to actually do something? And I'm not sure how to do that? Because I'm cute, but not too bright? Addison finally snaps and says, "Do you think I'm not doing everything I can to help her? I mean, do you think I'm just out here because, I don't know, I'm just feeling a little…lazy? Just need a little 'me' time?" Heh. She's awesome. George is flustered. "I'm just asking --" "Stop asking!" shouts Addison. "Because no matter what you ask me, the answer is 'I DON'T KNOW.'" Whoa.

She goes on to say that Bailey's husband is in mortal danger, and there's not a hell of a lot Addie can do to comfort her right now because there's not a hell of a lot that Addie can do to comfort herself right now, and she's doing her best and Bailey's doing her best and Addie needs GEORGE to do his best, and unfortunately, his "best" doesn't involve him standing around asking the world's stupidest questions. You know, I love George and all, but she's got a point. Like, do something, dude. You got questions? Well, sometimes you have to answer the questions yourself instead of looking for the answers everywhere else. George is rightly stunned by Addison's outburst and he kind of sheepishly walks away as she just slumps back against the wall and retreats into Passive-Aggressivaland.

George heads to the nearest stairway to stew in his own juices. Before he can get too pruney, he hears crying in the distance and gets up to lean over the balustrade. He sees Hannah below and asks if she's okay. She doesn't answer, and he sees blood on her hand and runs down to help her. She says her hand is okay, and he asks if she's Hannah. Duh. I just said she is, George. Stop asking so many stupid questions! She says she's Hannah all right and George looks conflicted for a second, as if he shouldn't be helping the woman who put his beloved Mere in the path of a bomb.

Down in the ORs of Doom and Destruction, McDreamy asks Cristina for some scissors, but she's too busy peeking out the window at Burke and Hot Kyle as they move down the hallway. She rips off her scrubs and runs out to see what's going on, like, way to leave the surgery, Yang! The trio is moving the gurney steadily and slowly down the hallway as Meredith asks Hot Kyle to go over the plan with her again. He tells her that the bomb is about eight inches long and that, once Burke's team and the bomb squad are in place, Hot Kyle's going to ask Meredith to take the hand she has in the chest and wrap it around the bomb and pull it out. "Pull it out while keeping it level," he says to her intensely. That's…I'm sorry. But I have a dirty mind. And every time they say "pull it out," well, you can imagine where my head goes. It's not a pretty place.

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