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As We Know It (2)

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As We Know It (2)

"You know, I don't like you very much," says Mere to Hot Kyle. "I don't like you either," says Hot Kyle. Well, that's the biggest load of horseshit I've been served up in a long time, because it's pretty clear they're both totally hot for each other. Or am I projecting? Cristina rushes up then and is all, what're you doing? And Hot Kyle is all, DO NOT MOVE DO NOT TOUCH THE BOMB. Mere says they're moving to another OR that's away from the oxygen line. "You know, in case we blow up," she squints. Cristina asks where Burke is, and Mere says he's getting another OR ready. Hot Kyle orders Cristina to stand over by the wall, and she moves so the gurney can pass.

Mere orders Cristina to tell her something and Cristina's like, the huh? Mere says, "Cristina. I have my hand on a bomb. I'm freakin' out. And most importantly? I really have to pee. Tell me anything." Cristina pauses. "He told me he loved me." Mere looks at her. "Last night, he thought I was sleeping, but I heard him say it." Mere can't believe her ears. "Burke loves you," she says. "Yeah," says Cristina. She catches Hot Kyle glaring at her and shoots him a look and says, "Mind your own business." Heh. Hot Kyle's glare drops right off his face. That's right, Hot Kyle. Bombs are scary, but Cristina? Scarier. Mere again repeats that Burke loves Cristina and all Cristina can say is, "Yeah, everybody has problems." Hee. Oh, also, I should note that several times during this scene, we get a close-up on the wheels on the bottom of the gurney, so I imagine that's going to muck up this transport here in just a second.

Mere asks if Cristina's going to say it back to him and Cristina's all, hell no! He said it to sleeping me! I don't have to say it back! And the gurney moves toward a little strip of metal on the floor. "Besides," says Cristina. "He might blow up." "Excellent point!" says Mere as the gurney hits the metal strip and everyone looks at each other like, "D'OH!" After a moment, Hot Kyle gathers his senses and orders everyone to keep moving, nice and slow. He shoots a glare at Cristina, who ignores him, and she looks at Mere. "You had to say you were gonna die today." "I told you," says Mere with a shrug. Hee.

Meanwhile, George is attending to Hannah's hand. She asks after Meredith, and George tells her that Mere is still alive. Hannah kind of sighs, and she gets this look on her face that's like, "Man, I suck." George, sensitive as always, reads her correctly and tells her that Dr. Milton should never have left her there alone and that he's a coward. Hannah thinks she's a coward because she ran away. "You think you're going to be different," she says. "You think you're gonna be the kind of person who stays and does something. You know, the good man in a storm." She laughs wryly and goes on to say that, as a paramedic, she's supposed to stay and do something instead of running away to hide under the stairs. I can honestly say that I would be the person who stayed behind with her hand on the bomb. And then, when the reality of my situation crashed through my bravado, my butt would be outta there faster than you can say "Scarlett Johansson is a no-talent ass clown." All I'm saying is, yeah, I'd like to think that, given the chance, I'd be the kind of person who would throw themselves on top of a bomb and scream at everyone to go on with out me, but I'm fairly sure that, if the chance presented itself, and an alternate choice appeared in the form of a big-ass exit door, I can't guarantee that I wouldn't be running for that exit like I had rocket-fueled rollerblades on my feet.

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