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As We Know It (2)

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As We Know It (2)

While Tucker's busy ruining McDreamy's day, Burke has made his incision and says that Meredith is good to go to remove the bomb. Hot Kyle tells her to wrap her hand around the nose of the bomb, but she's kind of not paying attention to him. The insidious sound of "Breathe" by Anna Nalick starts up on the soundtrack and as appropriate as the song may be to the situation, it's already been played to death on every radio station ever invented and therefore is totally pulling me out of the scene because man, do I hate this song. I may have liked it the first four hundred bazillion times I heard it, but I pretty much lost interest in it after that.

We switch back to McDreamy's OR and Tucker's still crashing. Everyone scrambles to save him. We switch back again to Mere. Hot Kyle says her name, and Mere pulls off her mask and says that George and Izzie shouldn't have to move out of the house. She's giving her last will and testament, basically. Hot Kyle says, "No," in this determined sounding voice, as if he's willing her not to accept defeat. Aaaaand then we switch to Bailey, who's pushing and pushing and pushing. And back to Tucker who's still fighting for his life. Nothing's working. Back with Mere and Hot Kyle and Burke and Mere's starting to freak out, and she tells Burke and Hot Kyle to go and she'll deal with the bomb herself and Burke tells her that nobody's dying today and finally, Hot Kyle orders Meredith to look at him.

"I know this is bad," he says. "And I'm this ass who's been yelling at you all day. So pretend that I'm not. You pretend that I'm someone you like. Whatever you need. But you need to listen to me. Okay?" Mere looks down and when she looks back up, McDreamy is standing across from her instead of Hot Kyle. Hell, I'll take either one of them, really. I'm not picky. "I'm scared," Mere says. "I know," says McDreamy. "You can do this. It'll be over in a second. You can do this, Meredith." She visibly calms down and says, "Okay." We see a shot of them from above and they're in an empty hospital room and this image merges with the real Mere with her hand in the body and Hot Kyle standing across from her. She slowly pulls the bomb out of the body as the Burke and Hot Kyle watch her.

Simultaneously, Tucker's still crashing as Bailey's still pushing. Addie orders Bailey to stop pushing and George peers into the mirror behind Addie's head and tells Bailey that he can see the top of the baby's head and that it has lots of hair and is cute. "O'Malley?" Bailey gasps. "Stop lookin' at mah va-jay-jay!" HA HA HA HA. Oh, god. It's not just the word that's funny. It's Chandra Wilson's delivery. It's like quiet on the first syllable and then explosively pissed off in the second two. Genius. Adding to the funny is T.R. Knight's expression as he pointedly looks far, far away from the va-jay-jay and says, "Yes, ma'am." Heeeeee.

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