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Grey's at first appears to have cut their own budget as it looks like home video as Cristina and Mere stand in an empty hospital room and stare straight up at the camera. But no, it turns out that we are seeing the vantage point from a camera that was installed in the room, and Cristina reports that they have been put all over the CCU. Both of their fears are that they will be installed elsewhere, including on-call rooms. After a moment contemplating this sexy horror, Cristina muses about what evil could be behind the camera; a very cheerful male voice says hello and calls Cristina by name. Mere realizes that Big Brother can read Cristina's nametag.

Alana gathers the attendings in the OR and there, she claims that the cameras aren't meant to spy but rather they are staffed by a remote physician who can help out the doctors. Everyone looks highly skeptical as she says that an extra set of eyes will help reduce mistakes. We tune Alana out for Mere's VO about all of those horrible buzzwords: streamline, optimize, integrate, adapt. Mere wonders if all of the tools that are supposed to make one's life easier actually help. Personally, I hate those buzzwords (and the term "buzzword") so much that it makes me not want to do any of those things. Alana's voice comes back as she sums up how everything she's talking about will ultimately help reduce "costly litigation." Read: "Dear God, this hospital can't afford another lawsuit." She's had the ORs all rearranged so that the supplies in each one are in uniform locations; her goal is to reduce the time it takes to change over from one surgery to another. Callie and Arizona run in late and are bickering about Arizona taking too long to get Sofia ready. She was talking Sofia into putting on her tights by herself while Callie thinks she should have just done it and gotten out the door to get to work and daycare on time. She's also angry that she always gets painted as the bad cop. Just then, Alana tells the room that every second counts and you need the most efficient approach, which Callie thinks supports her method of just pulling tights onto a toddler.

The interns, minus Heather who is off filming a new pilot, are hanging around outside the door trying to hear what is going on. Princess watches through the window and then reports that they are talking about new hospital procedures and OMG they weren't invited and this means they are totally getting fired. And of course, her tone of voice says she is taking this utterly personally. I should create a drinking game based on the number of times per episode that I have the active thought that she sucks, but then I'd wind up so incapacitated you'd just get pages of gibberish until I passed out and the drool shorted out my keyboard. The others think she's nuts but she pulls open overflowing drawers in a nearby supply cabinet and says that this is evidence that the nurses are stockpiling supplies and the end is nigh.

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