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What About Bob?

Leah gets to the door of Rich's his room and watches as Cristina and a team repeatedly shock him and do compressions. Cristina is grasping for other ideas but sad music starts to play which tells us this is the end for the poor kid. He is also completely grey, which is another good indicator that it's all over. Cristina finally calls time of death. After everyone files out Leah says that he didn't have to die, he just needed his family to allow him some blood, but Cristina points out that patients who get blood die all the time too, so they don't know for sure how he would have turned out. She plans to give Leah a very long lecture about how horribly wrong her actions were, but she says sadly that first she has to go notify his family. She then looks up at the camera and tells Bob that the show is over, he can change the channel.

Arizona goes back up to pediatrics and is disgusted when she finds out that Callie also failed to get Simmi out of bed, though she does gloat a little that the Bad Cop routine didn't work. She then walks in and gently but firmly tells the girl she has to get up, and she knows it's hard but she knows she wants it. When Simmi spits that Arizona knows nothing, Arizona leans down and rolls up her pant leg to show off her prosthetic. She tells Simmi about how she lost her leg less than a year earlier and thought it was over, but now she's doing everything she used to do including operating on this good-for-nothing wretch. Simmi smarms that they sent the cripple in to talk to her, oh boy. That's the last straw for Arizona, so she finally decides it's time to out-Bad-Cop Callie. She lowers the bed and get things ready as she yells that Simmi can be scared and angry but she's not allowed to be an asshole and bring everyone around her down. She's to treat people with kindness and respect, and she's to start with herself. She then says that she's counting to three. Simmi looks so bewildered that on the count of three, she actually moves to try and stand up. Arizona is shocked and immediately grabs her to help her up while Callie and Alex rush in with a walker and tons of encouragement. Simmi actually looks pleased as she takes a few steps and they cheer her on.

In the ICU, Owen tells Chainsaw Logger's family that he's going to live, and they have Alana to thank. A woman who I presume is his wife screams with joy and grabs Alana in a huge hug as she cries and thanks her, and Alana grins back at Owen, her heart having grown three sizes that day.

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