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What About Bob?

April's first victim is Dr. Jeff in cardio, but since he already got her email with it's scary, all-caps subject line he has no interest in hearing it. She falls back on what she's comfortable with and tries to cite figures to him but he cuts her off to talk about how amazing the TED conference is. He figures that hearing speakers talk about innovation is much more useful in trying to keep the hospital open than scrimping and saving from the overall budget; he then leaves the room while she's still struggling for coherent words.

Back in the OR, Owen asks Alana to take a look at something in the guy's neck and after she does, it's like she broke the seal and found some of her surgical mojo again -- we know this because she hums while she works. She and Owen talk about how exciting surgery is and he finally asks the million dollar question: why did she stop in the first place? She's saved from answering when Derek comes in, and he recoils just a bit when he sees her there and makes a snide comment about how she's now just going ahead and doing their jobs. Owen is feeling more generous and insists she saved the guy's life, but Alana tries to brush it off. Derek tells her that this dude is lucky he cut himself in the neck with his chainsaw today and not tomorrow, when the ER would be closed and he'd just be dead already. Now, way to make a point, but also... they'd just go to a different hospital/ER with him. I don't believe for a second this is all there is in Seattle first because it's crazy, and second because I think the city wouldn't have let them shut down literally the only emergency room around. But we get it, Derek hates her and thinks he's better than her.

Cristina and Leah's patient is a 19-year-old who was slaloming on his skateboard with a buddy when he got run over by a car. And look, I'm not wishing death on people, but I have often thought there are few stupider pastimes than that, and this is EXACTLY WHY. His buddy follows them in so they learn the kid's name is Rich, but don't have any other info. Cristina calls for supplies including blood and then when it takes a few moments, pointedly yells at someone about the blood again. As they are about to hook him up, though, a medical ID tag falls to the ground and Leah exclaims, horrified, and shows it to Cristina. Cristina quickly yells at everyone to stop and explains that he's a Jehovah's Witness, so they can't give him any blood. Just in case we missed what a big deal this is, the camera lovingly lingers on the two bags they were about to use.

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