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Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole

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Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole
has to get rid of her hysterical baby. She orders Cristina to take him. Cristina's all, huh? Bailey: "You're going to watch him." Cristina tries to argue, saying she doesn't do that. Bailey says she has a patient she needs to operate on right now. "TAKE HIM." She pulls off her sling and pushes it and the baby into Cristina's arms. Cristina looks like she might stroke out. The baby wails. Bailey runs off to surgery.

George spots Dr. Torres from last week giving him the stink-eye. He walks over and she's all, "You didn't call me." George says he did, he sure did call her -- it's just that he hung up every time. Callie: "Nice. Very stalker-like. Uh...what's with the hair?" Yes, tell us, George. George mumbles something about needing it a little shorter. Callie remarks that she makes him nervous, huh? George: "Yeah, a little." Callie thinks this is good, and asks if he wants to see something really cool. Of course he does! We cut to a grotesquely swollen hand, owned by none other than Teddy Dunn. Teddy is a hockey player who got his hand smashed by "this asshat" during practice. Callie and George examine Teddy's X-ray; he's got dislocations and multiple fractures. Callie says orthos love hockey season, because it's like Christmas every day. She's sassy. Teddy asks them to just put in a splint or something, because he's got a really big game this afternoon.

Room of Fellatial Neck Forks. Natalie asks Mere if she knows what she's doing, and if she's ever done this before. Mere: "Have I ever pulled a fork out of somebody's neck?" Natalie's all, "Huh. Right. Let's just do it." Her husband distracts her by telling her to think about Paris, and the wine, and the long walks, and the Champs Elysees. I am here to tell you that I have been more drunk than I've ever been in my life on the Champs Elysees. Think "bruised tailbone." Fucking Champs Elysees. Mere removes the fork so deftly that Natalie doesn't even feel it. Natalie tells her she's amazing, and her husband asks how much she knows about this Dr. Shepherd. Oh, the stories she could tell! Natalie tells "Kyle" she doesn't want any more MRIs; she wants to go to Paris. Kyle says Dr. Shepherd has an incredible reputation. Natalie just wants them to live their lives, no more doctors, no more tests -- just Paris. Mere refrains from sharing any intimate knowledge, and says Dr. Shepherd is an extraordinary surgeon. "If he could help, a second opinion couldn't..." Natalie interrupts to say it wouldn't be a second opinion, it would be a fourth, and when Dr. Shepherd says there's nothing he can do, they'll be devastated all over again. Kyle says he just doesn't want to go to Paris, and wonders if they should have listened to the amazing girl who took a fork out of her neck. They start laughing, and Mere laughs with them. Aw.

Denny's Room. Alex is monitoring Denny, but Denny wants to know where his precious Izzie is. Alex says she's busy with other patients. Denny's all, "Look, man, I'm sure you're a fine doctor. Just not as much my type, no offense." Alex says he guesses he'll just have to settle for being Izzie's type. Damn! Denny nearly has a heart attack, for real. " two?" Alex says pretty much, yep, they're doing it, sorry, dying guy. These people are getting on my nerves.

Meanwhile, Cristina is singing the alphabet while she changes the baby's diaper. Webber walks in and asks what that smell is. Cristina: "'s feces. It's baby feces. We've had an incident, sir." HAAAAA. Who calls it "baby feces" and not "baby go poop, yes he did, such a big baby!" but Cristina? Webber asks if she's having trouble. Cristina says she's got an MD from Berkeley and a PhD from Stanford -- she can handle this. "Unless you want to do it?" Heh. Webber says it's all right, he'll pass.

Mere's wheeling Natalie through a corridor when Natalie asks her to stop. She wants to walk, she says, and feel her body move while she can. Mere comments that Natalie seems incredibly okay with her prognosis. Natalie says she's more than okay; she's a little in love with her prognosis. "It woke me up. It woke my marriage up. I've been sleepwalking about fifteen years, and now I am wide awake." She says she's having this MRI for Kyle, because he's not ready to let go, but she and her aneurysm? They're good friends. Unforgettable! That's what they are!

Addison finds McDreamy in a lab and says she's been looking for him. McDreamy is involved with looking at Natalie's aneurysm film. Addison: "You know who Catherine Deneuve is?" McDreamy says yes, he knows -- she's a hot French actress. Addie is all proud that her patient's husband said she looked like her. McDreamy totally, totally rains on her parade: "Isn't she blonde?" Addison's all, uh, yeah, okay, you're busy, bye! Ugh.

Izzie and Denny, sittin' in a tree. Actually, just playing Scrabble. Izzie gets 25 points with the word "screw." She restrains herself from adding, "What I would like to do to this magical heart patient." Denny says that's not fair; she didn't tell him they were playing naughty-word Scrabble. Izzie says that's just his dirty mind. Denny says sometimes it's just hard to tell where she's coming from. And then they have a big talk about how Alex said they were together. Izzie, of course, denies it. Denny thinks this is sweet, and thanks her for clearing that up. And then, according to my closed captioning, Denny [breathes raspily] and [gasps], so Izzie has to put an oxygen mask on him and page Burke. Draaaaama! Commercials.

When we return, Burke tells Denny that the news is not good: he wants to install a left ventricular device to help his heart pump. Denny quips, "You guys are trying to turn me into a robot; it's all part of your evil plan." Chuckles abound. Izzie tells Denny that it's a bridge -- not to the great beyond, but something to keep him alive while they wait for a new heart. The catch is, Denny has to stay in the hospital until he gets a donor heart. Denny doesn't like this plan. He asks if there are any other options, and is met with silence. And then, because he's not getting enough blood to his brain, says he needs a little think about it. "Don't take too long, Denny," Burke says, and turns away dramatically.

Izzie pages Alex into the on-call room, and he starts removing his scrubs before the door has even closed. She stops him and says, "That's not why I'm paging you." Of course, she's still staring at his junk as she says this. Izzie says she's paged him there to yell -- she can't believe he talked to Denny about their relationship. Alex thinks Izzie needs to maybe act like a doctor instead of like a contestant on The Love Connection, considering she's trying to get up on a "half-dead, maybe soon to be all-dead patient." Izzie says she can't believe he just said that. Alex: "Someone's got to." Snap.

Teddy Dunn's Land of Hockey. Dr. Torres tells him they need to take care of his finger, and there's no way he can play today. Teddy goes all Duncan and says there are college scouts coming to watch him -- he totally HAS to play, man, don't you get it?! Callie says it's a no-go; if he plays, they risk permanent damage to his fingers. He says there must be something they can do; his entire life is resting on this game, and this is whole future. Perhaps if Teddy had had proper weekly manicures, his career would not be in jeopardy. Callie isn't having it. Teddy storms out.

Mr. Gibson finds Addison outside eating lunch. She reports on his wife -- all is okay, yay! -- but Mr. Gibson is only focused on telling Addison how beautifulllll she is. She reminds him that she is his wife's doctor. Mr. Gibson says he doesn't mean to keep focusing on her looks, but he totally does. He continues to use big words like "objectify" and "extraordinarily" and "beautiful," and then throws the ugly-husband-guilt on her: "I know...a woman like you doesn't want to eat with me." Good God, it's like he's making his own gr

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