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Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole

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Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole
avy and Addison is licking it up. She asks for his pudding, people!

Izzie, George, and Cristina are also outside eating lunch. Cristina has Bailey's baby, which she's holding like it's a poo-smelling bomb. She asks George about Meredith, and again about his hideous hair. George doesn't like this, and when Meredith walks over to sit down, he picks up his tray and stomps out of the lunchroom. Because he's in seventh grade. Apparently, the rest of the group is also in seventh grade, because they argue about how if Meredith would just apologize, everything would be okay. She "oh whatevers" them, and stomps off herself. Izzie says she just wants everything to go back to how it was. Unfortunately, just then Alex walks up, so Izzie has to pull a Mere and George and storm away from the table herself. As Alex slams his tray on the table, the baby starts to cry again, and now Cristina's mad. "AWESOME. THANKS." She gets up and leaves, too. Do any of these people have any damn sense at all?

Cut to Meredith complaining to McDreamy. They're sharing a sandwich on the balcony and talking with their mouths full. It's gross. Mere is mad because all of her friends are upset with her. McDreamy says, as a friend, she sucks. Just then, McDreamy spies Addison across the hospital giggling ridiculously with Mr. Gibson. He pretends not to care, and Mere asks if Addie knows of their "friendship." McDreamy avoids the question by asking if she got Sylvia Booker's blood work back yet. Who the hell is Sylvia Booker? Oh, yes. Natalie Cole.

Cristina holds the screaming baby up to the observation room intercom. She presses the button with the baby's foot and wails, "Dr. Baaaailey?" Bailey, deep in surgery, yells back, "What is it, Yang?" Cristina says she doesn't understand why the baby's crying. Bailey tells Cristina to let her hear him. Cristina holds the baby to the intercom, and he cries obligingly. Bailey immediately responds, "That's cry Number Four. You need to feed him." Heeee. Cristina's all, "Uh...okay...four...hamburger?"

Natalie Cole and Her Terminal Aneurysm. McDreamy explains that he wants to do a brain bypass on her, a surgery that's only been performed a dozen times, once by him. Kyle is all excited, but Natalie says hell no. "I'm leaving. And we're going to Europe. We've always wanted to see it, and we've never had the time. Now we have the time. We're going. That's it." McDreamy doesn't understand why a woman would not want his hands on her, but she does have a brain aneurysm. Commercials.

We return to Kyle stopping McDreamy in the hall. He pleads with McDreamy to talk to his wife, because for fifteen years, he didn't notice her, and now he's rediscovered what an unforgettable woman she is, and he doesn't want her to die. "I love her. And I don't want her to...I don't want my wife to die. Dr. Shepherd, please. Talk to her." McDreamy says he will, of course.

Addison is so hard up that she's excited by a whole half an hour of attention by a married man. This does not bode well for Catherine Deneuve. Bailey tells her that she's not going to fix the problem by having meals with someone else's husband. Addison just grins and swishes off. Bailey calls after her, "I MEAN IT!" Indeed.

Meanwhile, Cristina is having a hell of a time getting Bailey's baby to eat. She is practically screaming at the screaming baby. "I can't help you if you don't want TO EAT!" Burke walks by and finds this all very amusing. Cristina attempts to jam the bottle into the baby's mouth until George, a born nursemaid (if not barber), takes the baby and works his magic. Of course, George has the mentality of a newborn, so it's not that much of a stretch. He tells Burke that babies just like him. Burke: "Well, that speaks to a good bedside manner. Keep up the good work! " Cristina can't stand it, and it's even worse when Dr. Torres walks over all, "Awww! Is that Bailey's baby? He is so cute!" She tells George that she scheduled Teddy's surgery, and she assumes he wants in. Cristina jumps up. "Oh, no, I want in! Any surgery, I'll do it!" Callie gives her a look, and asks, "Who are you? Sorry, I only need one." Cristina has to sit back and watch her surgeries disappear, and also Callie telling George, "This is the last invitation I'm extending, so...the ball's in your court." Oooh! Cristina: "Seriously? Nice. She has a couch you can sleep on?" Heh.

McDreamy finds Natalie Cole waiting for her husband to bring the car around. He says he knows she's worried about the surgery, but Natalie says she's not worried about because she's not having it. McDreamy thinks she's not having it because of the medical risks. Natalie says no, she's not having it because for the first time in twelve years, she has a great marriage, she has a life, and she wants to live it. McDreamy reminds Natalie that if she doesn't have the surgery, she's only got weeks; if the surgery is successful, she's looking at decades. Natalie says she doesn't want to go back to being Kyle's bed warmer in a full-length flannel nightgown, can't he understand that? McDreamy: "I understand you're tired of settling. So don't. Fight. Fight for your life. Fight for your marriage. Let me operate, and make a decision right now that you'll never settle again." Doctor, heal thyself.

Denny's Room. He wakes up to Izzie detailing the reasons he should have this surgery. She's all up in his face, and all in love, so we know he's going to die. Denny says he's just so tired. Izzie appreciates that and all, but this is his chance to live. Denny says having this surgery means he doesn't get to leave, and she knows how much he hates hospitals. Izzie does know, but she can't support him making any other decision. "We need more time." Denny: "We?" Izzie tries to fake him out, all, "We...your doctors...need more time." Then she can't hold it in anymore: "WE...need more time." Denny says it will piss off Alex. Izzie says it will. "Okay?" "Okay." He's still going to die, you guys!

Cut to Teddy, approaching George with jubilance. "Hey, I told you I couldn't miss my game! I made two goals and one assists and there were scouts there!" George asks him what he did. "I cut off my finger! I saved it so you guys could sew it back on!" He holds up an open Coleman ice chest with his severed digit on top. Teddy does not reveal that he got the idea from that Stephen King story where the guy cuts off all his own limbs to survive on a desert island. Or, you know, from the internet. George and his haircut are speechless. Commercials.

Dr. Torres and George are in surgery, trying to re-attach Teddy's finger. Callie says you've got to admire his passion. George: "No. No, you don't." Callie, clearly thinking of something else, says sometimes you can't wait. "Sometimes you just want the pain to stop. So you cut it off. End the problem; end the pain." George says that doesn't end the pain, not if it's that painful to start with -- there will always be that phantom pain. Callie: "Your ex did a real number on you, didn't she?" Hee.

Natalie is going into surgery. She tells Kyle that she still wants to go to Paris. Kyle says they can do that, and whatever else she wants, just as long as she gets this aneurysm de-aneurysed. "And baby? If I die? Promise me you'll do it anyway." Aw. Kyle says he promises. Before she goes into the OR, he kisses her and asks her please not to die. Natalie says she'll do her best. Cute.

Bailey comes to rescue Cristina just as Cristina's gotten the both herself and the baby to sleep. Cristina wakes up groggily as Bailey takes the baby, and says there's poop everywhere, she doesn't know what to do. Bailey assures her it's all okay. As Bailey leaves the room, Cristina says, "I know you're the boss of me, and you could ruin my career, but...I don't baby-sit." Bailey, looking more disappointed than she probably should, answers, "Fine." A musical montage begins.

Denny's surgery. Izzie retardedly thinks that Denny's heart might rebuild itself. Burke brin

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