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It turns out that Jen has an aneurysm, and that they were only able to detect it because of the seizure, given that all of her forgetfulness and headaches are also symptoms of pregnancy. Did every pregnant woman watching this just have a tiny momentary freakout right there? They'll do her surgery in the morning, Derek explains, once Rob has recovered from the complications. Jen flips out when she realizes that Lexie lied to her, and isn't having any of it when Lexie genuinely apologizes but tries to explain that she didn't want to worry Jen unless it was necessary. Meredith adds that Jen will be fine too, and needs to stay calm. But she has hit her limit and is done being nice, instead replying that they just told her she's got a time bomb in her head, which means she's certainly not going to stay calm.

Cristina and Bailey are still hugging Dixon in silence, so for conversation Dixon explains, "Cows are squeezed tightly in a chute before they're slaughtered." Cristina is disgusted, but Dixon goes on to explain how it applies increased pressure, and Bailey finishes that it then calms the cows down. It's the same thing now for Dixon (minus the slaughter, which is a relief) and she tells them that a hugging machine is sometimes used to relax the nervous system and slow the heart. Seriously, a hugging machine? I need to get me one of those for when I've had a hard day at work. Or after having to watch particular episodes of this show. Dixon is happy that the hugging is working, but they aren't allowed to stop yet.

Richard, Alex and Ryan are working on an awake Mr. Kramer, and are artfully posed so that we can't see what it is that they pull out, though we can hear it make a loud clang in a pan. Aaaaaaack. Relieved, Mr. Kramer promises to never try and spice up his life again. Alex, though, actually acts mature and jumps in to say that it's great that he tried to step things up, adding, "Anything above #5 deserves props." The Chief also tells him they are doing a good thing, "Bending over backwards to try and find ways to make each other happy." Later, when they're scrubbing out, Alex finally lets out a laugh at the Chief's choice of words. After a moment, Richard can't help it and he starts laughing too. Ryan still looks to terrified to laugh until the Chief looks at him directly and they both crack up, the Chief laughing until he cries.

Cristina and Bailey seem to have calmed themselves with the hugging, because they both look dreamy and need to be told twice by Dixon that they can let her go. Once they do, Dixon composes herself, looking pleased.

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