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Sadie walks up to Izzie like she's going to a funeral, and glumly announces that she has the test results, and... Izzie is anemic. Despite the look on her face I totally figured it was a fake-out and I couldn't get excited that we might get some sort of actual diagnosis and real progression with this excruciating storyline. Izzie is totally relieved but then yells at Sadie for coming to her with that look. Izzie finally asks about the actual patient, and it turns out that is why Sadie looks so down--it looks like she has cancer. Izzie immediately softens and offers to go over with Sadie and tell the woman together.

Lexie walks into an on-call room to meet Mark, who jumps up and rather sweetly grins and says hi. Unfortunately she's about to wipe the smile from his face. She announces with no preamble, like you do on TV when you have something important to say, that she doesn't want to keep secrets. That day alone she kept secrets about Rob's surgery, Derek's proposal, and Mark, and that's the one she doesn't want to keep. She points out that what they have is an actual relationship, and if they are going to continue she wants it to be in front of Meredith and Derek. If it can't be, she adds, then she's not going to continue. Poor Mark looks like someone just shot his dog.

Oh, for the love of little green apples. The piano starts up again and Cristina and Hunt walk in slo-mo towards each other in the hall--she's got her hair up, of course. But this time things end differently than just some secret hand-touching. He sees a blonde woman walk in behind Cristina and speak to someone, and his face falls. He literally runs away, while Cristina stares after him, confused.

He runs into a room and there are a lot of quick cuts so that we know for sure he's on edge. (They hyperventilating might not have been enough.) Cristina runs in to find out what just happened, and he tries to send her out of the room, saying he doesn't want this and can't do this now. I suspect the first "this" is the blonde and the second "this" is Cristina. She learned something that day, though, and grabs him in a hug from behind. It's a little like she almost jumps on his back because he's so much taller than she is. He tries to shake her off but she holds tight and explains how he's going to try to resist but eventually his pulse rate will slow and he'll breathe more easily. He does, and then he starts to sob.

In another Stacy surgery, Bailey apologizes to Dixon for her outburst. Dixon agrees that it wasn't appropriate, but she's come to expect that from pediatric surgeons. Wha... What? What a fantastically unexpected twist! It does seem to be a genuine surprise to Bailey, who counters that she's not a pediatric surgeon. Dixon lists all of the evidence, as is her way: "You touch the child whenever you speak to her, you explain conditions to the child and not just the parents and you react to the patient as if it was your own child, and you break protocol which is inappropriate except in the case of pediatric surgery where protocols are constantly evolving." It's funny transcribing any of Dixon's lines because there's so much punctuation missing, which is how she delivers them. But yet I find that when Meredith is doing voice over, I have exactly the same problem and she's supposed to be delivering them in a casual speaking voice. Well, maybe just weird to me since I type it out every week but I tell you--Meredith/Ellen might want to work on where she places her emphasis during her delivery. Dixon says emphatically, "You are NOT a general surgeon. You are a pediatric surgeon." Arizona has been there watching and her eyes over her surgical mask seem to agree.

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