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Then her disembodied voice starts up: "It seems we have no control whatsoever over our own hearts." Arizona walks into the bathroom to find Callie wiping her eyes, and it seems she walked in just to talk to Callie, and not to avail herself of the facilities. She introduces herself and asks if Callie is okay, and Callie lies that she's fine as she dabs at her red eyes. Arizona tells Callie she's going to be honest (she has not picked up on the way things are done here) and admits that people talk a lot around the hospital. Callie realizes this means that Arizona knows what she's been through lately, and comments, "Terrific." But Arizona tells her that it really is, because people really like and respect her, and they're concerned. It's really nice to hear someone spoken about in a genuine, nice way since so often it's malicious gossip. It also makes me happy because Callie is awesome, even if they're confusing me a little with the timeline of her grief. Arizona tells her that some people REALLY like her, and that when Callie is feeling better, people will be lining up for her. Callie laughs and asks for names, so Arizona leans in and kisses her. Mere tells us, "Conditions can change without warning," and Arizona tells Callie, "I think you'll know." She leaves, and Callie looks happy for the first time in a while. Mere tells us, "Romance can make the heart pound...

...just like panic can." Derek has gone for the grand gesture, for better or for worse. He is filling the bedroom with roses, has made a heart on the bed out of rose petals, has a giant white teddy bear, and candles are everywhere. Mark is helping him out and Derek berates himself for being a cliché. He's not wrong, but Mark encourages him, pointing out that these things became clichés because they work. He then asks, "It's great, isn't it? When you feel so strongly for someone and it's not just about the sex?" Derek is confused at these words coming out of Mark's mouth and Mark adds, "It is. It's true." Derek chuckles and tells him he shouldn't ever try to talk like that. Aw, the look on Mark's face gives me a little twinge in my cold, black heart. Mark gives up and agrees with Derek, then decides to go. He hovers in the door a moment but chickens out again, merely telling Derek congratulations. After he leaves, Derek's phone rings. Meredith starts, "And panic..." as Derek answers the phone, "Addison?" Mere finishes her sentence: "Can make it stop cold in your chest." Ah, so it's a bad phone call. Derek asks seriously what happened. This scene would have had so much more impact if it hadn't been teased to death in ads--I understand the need to advertise to pull people in, but I think that lately in general everyone has been giving too much away and taking away from the actual impact of the shows (and movies) that way.

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